More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


6. ::4::

He blushed but didn't bother to take his hat off, he just sat there with his small hands perched on his lap. Meh I shrugged and leans back on my chair as the teacher walked in.

"Morning class," he greeted earning a few tired groans. "I see we have a new student." All eyes turned to look at the awkward Michael who seemed to not want to be noticed.

The red head smiled weakly but it looked forced and nervous.

The class wasn't really interesting after that – maths maths, oo and guess what? More maths.

Once the bell rung everyone got up to leave, I felt a light tap on my shoulder making me spin on my heals to be face-to-face with Michael.

"Uh hi c-dizzle-" he bit his lip, a rather loud laugh left my lips. "Um could you maybe uh show me where my next class is?"

"Sure, what class?"

"Science with Mrs Jones."

"Ah, you have the same class as me," I grabbed his hand and started walking, but quickly let go of it. "S-sorry."

He shook his head and grabbed my hand again making me look down, a smile fighting it's way onto my face.


hello lovelies :) sorry this chapter sucked but idk I'm just sorry, it's short as well.

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