More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


4. ::3::

As I walked into hell – and by hell I mean school – I noticed people talking amongst their friends; they all seemed to be so interested in the 'new kid', what? I wasn't told about a new student.

"He's kinda hot," (sEE WHAT I DID THERE?) I heard someone mumble with a small smirk. "And god have you seen his hair?"

"His hair can't be that good." The girls friend rolled her eyes with a face that radiated boredom.

"It's red." The first girl explained a little over dramatically.

"As in ginger?"

"No, as in dyed red," Dyed red aye, sounds pretty emo if you ask me. Not that I have anything against them. I decided to stop listening and walked to class which happened to be math; yay. Note the sarcasm.

Anyway, as I entered the stuffy room that was practically empty I noticed someone with dyed red hair that poked out of his SnapBack; this must be him.

He seemed sad and alone, he just played with his fingers with no emotion other than sadness. So me being the kind, nice, kind person I am, I sat next to him. The red head turned to look at me, his eyes were a gorgeous pale green colour with little bits of silver.

"Hello," I smiled politely at him which he returned, the smile only being small and for a brief moment but I was okay with that because at least he smiled. "I'm c-dizzle aka ca$h money aka Calvin aka calculator aka Calum, nice to meet you."

He giggled, giggled and shook my hand which was strange but I'll take it. His hands were slightly sweaty and small, probably not like his dick though wink wonk jkjk.

"I'm Michael," The boy mumbled, his voice weak and quiet and oddly sounded familiar but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. This is going to bug me all day sigh.

"Nice to meet you Michael, I guess you're new?" Obviously I knew the answer but meh I'm polite. He nodded and sent me the tiniest of smiles.

Straight after that the bell had rung, the loud noises of teenagers bombarding through the halls to get to their next class came after. The once quiet and calming atmosphere turned into a cluster of noise and just sound in general.

"You know, you'll have to take that hat off once the teacher arrives, I mean don't get me wrong you look hot with it on but it's a school rule." I shrugged confidently which made Michaels cheeks burn up, blushing deeply at my comment.

A little flirting wouldn't hurt anyone, right?


Im actually proud of this wtf also yas I know I'm making them be all flirty but idgaf malum is mah soul.

anD THANK YOU FOR 300 READS I KNOW THAT ISNT AMAZING BUT ITS WAY BETTER THAN HAVING NON AT ALL. well I mean I write books because it's fun but merp.

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