More to Love :: Malum

"I don't care that you have cat ears and a tail, it's just more of you to love."

Or when Calum the bad boy of his town finds a cute little kitten boy in an alleyway.


2. ::1::

Calum's PoV

I giggled drunkly due to my dumb self almost tripping over a rock, stumbling through the streets with an empty glass bottle in my hand. I didn't know where I was going but quite frankly; I didn't care. Curiously I stammered over to an alleyway, my drunken state thinking it was safe but is an alleyway at 4am in the streets of London safe? — The answers no by the way, just to point that out.

Carelessly I walked over, peeking my head to see what was inside. It was dark very dark but something stood out; a pair of bright green cat-like eyes appeared, it's face was not visible but I thought maybe it was a cat.

I moved closer, kneeling down to its height. "hello there little fella," I stirred and smiled warmly, alcohol still clearly in my system. The creature didn't move, just shook in fear as it's eyes followed my every movement. "I won't hurt you." I tried to reassure it but it still wouldn't budge.

Frowning, I sighed in defeat and stood back up. I took one last look at the bright beautiful eyes but this time I saw something else; I saw red hair which confused me. Maybe it's last owner dyed its hair or something.

As I was about to leave I could have swore I heard him talk. He sounded so scared but also human and I know it's rude to interfere with other peoples lives but I couldn't help myself.

"Leave me alone." He mumbled quietly, his voice just above a whisper.

And that was all I remembered from that strange encounter.


okay I know this is short but I can't think of anything else.

also the updates won't be very regular, maybe once a week if I'm lucky enough, I'm sorry guys.

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