Five love Stories

Sue and Jo are best friends, but what will happen when Jo's big brother tries to get with her? Jess is happily married, but what happens when Stanley's cousin comes out to town? See them and other love stories.


2. Stanley

"Hey Stanley, how's your beautiful family doing?" Justin, a very close friend of mine asked. "Jess is well. She's six months pregnant now. Max is mad because she can't carry or hold him anymore." I said, laughing a little. Justin chuckled, "that boy of yours is very huggable. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets a little mad." He said. "yeah, I still give him piggy back rides, but he loves his mama's hold on him." I said. "So do you know what the gender of your baby is?" Justin asked. I nodded, a baby boy again. We are going to name him Nick. "Wow, three boys, how's Jess going to handle all of them. Three rowdy boys, gonna act just like their father." Justin smiled. It's true, Little Stanley and Max are going to b party animals. I don't know how Jess will handle it.

"Honey?" Jess called. "Coming honey." I said and waved a good bye to Justin as I ran. Jess's little sister Perrywinkle will be coming to visit.

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