The Hardships In Life

Shelby always knew she was Bi, but always tried to push the thought away. Until she went to camp, where she met Kai, a girl who didnt care what people thought of her, and she instantly became friends with her. They end up dating and every thing goes wrong- or right?


2. Kai- How She got here

I stopped tapping my foot as I look out of the window. Complete dark skies. Man I hate England. Especially Manchester. My phone is still blowing up. Man I hate crazy exes. Especially Hanna. I quickly check the messages.


Hanna: I know where you live!

Hanna: I will personally kill you!

Hanna:I dont know what I saw in you!

Hanna: you're ugly!

Hanna: Fat!

Hanna: You don't even deserve life. 


I don't know what I did, all I did was break up because shed been distant and I didnt feel anything anymore. A tear slides down my cheek. Why am I even crying? Im stronger than this. I block her number, and close my eyes.

Bang Bang Bang

I turn my head to my window, and Hanna is there knocking on the window. Oh did I say knocking? No she is banging her fist on my window. She broke the glass and got in. 

"Hanna! What the heck!" I screech

"SHut up!" She says, punching me. 

I fight back punching her back, and she has a black eye. 

"Kai!" I hear. 

"Mom. Its not what it looks like! She busted through y window and started to beat me up! Self defense." I ramble.

"NO. I knew I shouldve enrolled you in camp. Now you're going for sure. Im calling the ambulence for Hanna. Really? Domestic Abuse." My mom sighed.

"You're a monster, Kai." She mumbled before calling the police and ambulence. 

-20 Minutes Later-

I am now in a police car. Looking back at my mom- crying. 

"You did this to yourself." She hissed through the window.

-to be continued-


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