youtube love

This is for people who know Jacksepticeye from youtube if you dont know him go look him up now then read on...

Jack aka sean liked you ever since mark (markiplire) introduced us to each other. And to be honest I...I like him...o-or more!...Love!


3. day three - markiplire

"Hey sean I'm he-" Mark comes threw the door and just stops in his tracks. "Oh m-mark! Hey!" Jack says with a nervous look on his face. "Hey mark..." I say. Me and mark didn't get along that well and him seeing THIS.... I'm good as dead!"Oh... hey (y/n)....... I-um"He couldn't find any words to say to me."I-i'm sorry i should go.."I say to jack and mark.Jack tries to convince me to stay but i didn't want to ruin mark and jacks thing. I walked home and edited some videos, then i saw jack was trying to face time me and i accepted. "Hey.." I say sadly. "Hey I'm so sorry about mark he's still here but I was really hoping you'd come back!" Jack says hoping I'd  say yes. "*sigh* Fine but if mark starts in again!" "I promise he won't WILL YA MARK!!" "" I smile and agree, As i walk to his house I can see a pink haired man walking to me. It was mark. We met face to face, "Hey markimoo." I say hoping to make him smile. He did a small smile but still making me feel good. "Hey... Look I'm sorry about a few months ago-It was so dumb of me to even do a prank on you like that." Mark pranked me that he had a heart attack even though he did the same thing with his dogs and that turned out adorable but I still fell for it."It's fine! I know you where messing with me and it was a pretty good joke! I forgive you, and could you forgive me?" "Yeah what the hell!" We hug and we both walk back to jacks house. We play some '' and guess who got to number one?! Mark! Jack was so close to winning but mark cut him off and getting to number one. Jack asks me and mark if we wanted to spend the night and we both said yes so i wonder what jack has in stock to make this night the time of our lives.

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