youtube love

This is for people who know Jacksepticeye from youtube if you dont know him go look him up now then read on...

Jack aka sean liked you ever since mark (markiplire) introduced us to each other. And to be honest I...I like him...o-or more!...Love!


7. day seven - viral

The next day me and jack watched the video together but once he saw the end then looked at the views!...Ohhh we freaked out!(Not on me) "Oh god we are sooo dead!"Jack was running his hands threw his green and brown hair."It's okay!You can quickly delete it!"But by the second there was more and more views."I can't do that it's becoming a huge thing now!Look at the comments! I mean I bet there will be ha-"He was gonna say hate comments but once he clicked on it it was better that 'hate.'"Ohh your sooo cute!" "Awww I ship!" But one comment just stabbed us both."I'm proud of you guys."-markiplire- I died when I saw this."Oh my god...."I said looking at jack and his face looked like when a cartoon character when all the color in there skin ran out of them. "Look maybe this is a good sign!" I look at jack. I saw a small spark of hope in him and he nodded. He hugged me and I enjoyed the embrace. I looked up at him and his eyes glowed with life and love.He brought his head down to mine and he kissed me.It was passionate better than before.His hands slid from my back to my waist and mine went to his shoulders.My face was burning like fire or even lava if it was posable!"I know this might be good to them and it is for me but mark knowing might be bad.."Jack says and i agreed since mark had a huge and i mean huge crush on me and him seeing this! I might as well move out of the country!"Jack...?"I asked him. "Yes (y/n)?" He says."Can I stay the night?" I ask him, He smiled at me making my face as red as ever."Yes...You can sleep with me if you want?" I smiled and nodded.

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