youtube love

This is for people who know Jacksepticeye from youtube if you dont know him go look him up now then read on...

Jack aka sean liked you ever since mark (markiplire) introduced us to each other. And to be honest I...I like him...o-or more!...Love!


1. day one - jack tells me

"Hey (Y/n) are ya busy?" I hear jacks exited voice come from the phone and I smile an his question. "No not today why?" I ask the adorable irish man who was on the other side of the phone."Well I was wondering since I have nothing to do and I though we could hang for a while!" He says convincing me to say yes. "hehe alright sean I'll come over in a few just let me edit this video before I do anything else okay?" I ask him "Alright see ya then!" He hangs up and I return to editing.--done editing-- "*Sigh* alright finally done!" I tell myself and I remember about jack and hanging out. I get up form my chair and get some cute clothes on and walk to him house. He was only ten minutes away and I don't want to waist gas in my car. *Knock* *knock* "(Y/n)! Come in!" Jack says as I walk in hugging him. We've been friends for a few months now and I guess I was happy to see him again! "So what are we gonna do mister 'I scream all lot!'" I ask him laughing. "Well...I was thinking.. Oh god I can't take it!!" Jack says as i feel something soft slam onto my lips. Jack was kissing me, I could feel his strong hands grip onto my arm as my eyes stay open. He breaks the kiss slowly as his ocean blue eyes look into mine."S-sean?" I ask him as i keep eye contact. "Yes?" He responds."" I couldn't find words to ask him to kiss me again so I grab his shirt and pull him into another kiss. His arms wonder behind me. I smile and rap my arms around his neck. Jack breaks the kiss. "Will you date me?" He asks me. "Hell yeah.." I tell him and kiss him once more before going home. 

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