youtube love

This is for people who know Jacksepticeye from youtube if you dont know him go look him up now then read on...

Jack aka sean liked you ever since mark (markiplire) introduced us to each other. And to be honest I...I like him...o-or more!...Love!


9. day nine - the rush

After yesterday I felt this odd rush to fight or...Oh for gods sack what am I saying? I mean.... It's jack we are talking about! He's so adorable and sexy in so many ways!But I do feel bad for mark yesterday but I don't blame jack for throwing him off of me. Although he does deserve a reward of some kind hehe..."Sean!I'm gonna go out for a few! See ya in a few!"I yell up to him and the way he says okay is so funny. "Mmm k!" I laugh and walk out the door.I talked to my friend for a few minutes and went back to jacks house for his 'reward'. "Sean I'm back!"I yell to him waiting for him to do his cute thing but I heard nothing."Jack?"I yelled once more before going up there.Once I got up there his computer was recording but it was me that I saw then jack behind me.I look behind me to look at him better but he kissed me and picked me up. I broke the kiss,"Jack haha what are you-" He stopped me by kissing me again.Jack moved the camera to the bed.Was he gonna.... while he recor- oh god....He's really gonna do this isn't he... Well if he saves it for himself then I'm okay but posting it on youtube?! I'm not down for that!"Jack?"I ask him  once I was under him and he was above me.I was blushing badly and jack smiled once he noticed. "I though you needed a little gift!"Jack says making my mind blow up."To be honest I though the same for you!" I said to him smiling and kissed him.He slowly lifted my shirt up and groped me.My eyes opened and I screamed a little and jack jumped making me laugh."You sir went to far!"I said a little mad but then however this was our gift right? "Sorry I just got caught up in the moment!"hHe said looking at me. "I know I'm sorry... Lets do this tomorrow so I can really prepare okay?" I asked him."Okay... Night babe." He said kissing my cheek. "Night sean." I fell asleep once his strong arms wrapped around me. I guess we'll have fun tomorrow ;3

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