Because i love you

Diary, distance, him, her, when are we forgetting, forgiving and moving on?


6. Chapter 6

His P.O.V


Day 31,


Hey Prim, or should i say Diary-Prim?


haha, not funny i know, tried my best, man i miss you so badly.

It's  a month since, you/i idk ended it. I think i'm ready to explain, it for you.


So firstable, i really had trouble understanding whether it was real or not for you.
Because for me it was R E A L, i really liked you, i still do... i always though about you 

when i played the piano. It made me pretty sad not knowing if you really liked me or 

just pretended, well i think i could've seen on your message that you really did. And i 

understand it now, you really did like me, i don't think you do anymore, you've probably

already forgot me. Well, i know i kinda played with you and tried to see when you'd give up

on me. You never did, feel like that song, i've wasted the love of my life and i'm now paying

And i know i used one my friends to help me, i'm btw no longer talking to her, i explained to her and i said;


Sorry, we can't be friends no more, i know you don't deserve it. But Prim really meant everything to me and

it was your idea, it was 100% my fault, but you came up with Prim and i' end. 


well.. that was what i wanted to.. but it wasn't actual what i wrote.. because when you were gone

she asked me if i wanted to be her bf, i freaked out.. you would probably had said i should've

been calm, but i'd hurted you.. i'm sorry Prim.. so now you would have known little more of the 

reasons.. but i hardly disbelieve that you are ever gonna read this..


I love still you, and i always will <3


/Your boy, forever... <- you might not be my girl, but i'll always be your boy..


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