Because i love you

Diary, distance, him, her, when are we forgetting, forgiving and moving on?


5. Chapter 5

Her P.O.V

Day 30

Dear diary,

i can no longer reach him, for the first in

long it feels like he is no longer in my veins, my blood and he not finger, he is no longer controlling my legs, removing the want to dance.

I did it again, put on a favorite song.

My body mooved along with the music perfectly.

I still miss you, more and more as days go on..

it's still pain, but i don't feel you anymore

i kinda forgot how you made me fly.

i still have the memories and i hope i'll always,

i'm drawing as my lige depended on it,

creating is amazing, i choose the emotion and i try to do it to perfection, i'm getting much better on such a short amount of time as i'd ever though i would.

But i can't get you of my mind, i'm pretending i no longer care.. My best friend stopped bother me about you, seems like she forgot you!

i'm glad she think your off my mind.. it's means i'm pretending well enough..

tho' we aren't talking much, she calls now and then and i get a real laugh, it's not i'm pushing her away from me, i just need a little space. I'm consentrating on school, drawing, playing guitar, listening to music, and my family, i'm talking with 'em more that i have ever before. we got such a good relationship.. but there no longer a you...

every time i though of what you did my heart skip a beat of disbelive, i get sharp knives in my heart and i start shaking a bit.

Did you never imagine how you hurted me?

you could just've spoken to me?

and you included people, used them to hurt me? how i am ever gonna be able to understand how you could be this mean?

Don't get me wrong, i'm happy i met you, i grew so much and learnt alot and i knew "we" had to end, but i don't see the point of doing it that 'way'???

//Prim... never crying...

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