Because i love you

Diary, distance, him, her, when are we forgetting, forgiving and moving on?


3. Chapter 3

His P.O.V



Dear princess,

Day 29, 15/05/2018

So now i've wrote you everyday in 29 days, and i don't think i can stop in the nearest future,

I actually don't miss, or i do miss you, but i feels stronger like something inside of me is

trying to kill me, i have never regretted anything more than i regret what i did to you.

We never met or talked, and i still feel like i've heard your laugh, your voice, and

i still feel like i've had my arms around you.


sometimes i wonder how it could went that wrong, when we met in 2015 i'd never imagined that you

would end up meaning everything to me, and i don't know

if i was wrong, honestly i had trouble writing how much i love you 

cause it felt so real, but still so much like a dream, 

i wasn't quite sure if you really existed, you could have been somebody

else than u pretented to be.. but i know you are that cute little giggly girl 

who are just whoever she wanna be, 


and i'm so sorry i kinda couldn't handle helping you and i did all

the wrong things, but you never left me because of that and it was like

you realized that it was me you wanted, and i was an idiot and got

another "girlfriend" in between because i couldn't handle you being so 

happy without me.. which i realized you wasn't


we had some problems, and i could probably have solved them 

if i was just brave enough, but i wasn't well..

i was kinda mad at you.. but not in a way you deserved..

you made me so jealous and i though you would leave me

what i didn't realieze was that the moment..

it all went that way, you left,

and never came on again and you wrote;


"what a stupid lamb. " - Bella (our qoute)

I'll always love you, Eli 



That was your last words.


can't handle this writing right now.. i don't know why i cry over you

i never cry..


/your dearest, forever boy <3


what do you guys think?

hope you like it ;D

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