Because i love you

Diary, distance, him, her, when are we forgetting, forgiving and moving on?


2. Chapter 2

Her P.O.V


Day 28

Dear you,


lately i'm pretending i no longer remember your name,

but we both now i'll never forget it or you.

i'm just trying my best.

i've always known, "we" had to end at some point, 

but i didn't expected we would end like this.

and i never though you would hurt me so much, 

but so many hours, i've wasted on you, 

and then i'm lying, because i didn't waste them, you've made me who i am today.

and i used to tell myself it's always worth living, 


So earlier it's was just something i had in my head, but now..

Fake it till' you make it,

is my "life"... and i hope that if i keep faking it, i'll be fine. 

and everyday i sit here, writing in this damn diary, 

but i can't no longer reach you, which reminds me of the song; words,

´so much to tell you, but i'm talking to myself, i know that you, can't hear me anymore´

and you now what, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you, i hate you!
you caused me so much pain, you could just ended it with humanity,


i hate you, hate you, hate you, hate you, 

i wont ever talk to you, i'm so mad and you just have to know i haven't cried a tear for you,

and i hate you so badly!

but i still love you and that moment it was like my world collapsed,

because i really did trust you, like nobody else, i took me so long and you

just throw me into pieces like i was a piece of shit,

i don't think i'll ever be able to forgive you..


and i shouldn't be for you, but for me, so i could let go and forget you,

because i think it's hard to forget someone when you are

so mad.


i hope your missing me, now that i'm gone!

screw you and your piano.


/your dearest Prim


Btw.. i can't lie, i don't hate you and i wont ever forget you.. but i'm mad




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