Because i love you

Diary, distance, him, her, when are we forgetting, forgiving and moving on?


1. Chapter 1

 His P.O.V


Dear Prim,

It's now ten days since we talked last.

And there is this hole inside i can't describe,

like some part of me is missing, and i know it's you.

I know you are never going to read this, but it's the only way i can tell you how i fell.

I was an idiot i know and i miss you so badly,

i'm already paying for what i've done.


Well, i never though i would meet somebody like you.

you were/are ( to be honest, i don't know what to say, since your no longer mine) amazing,

the most incredible, cute, crazy and amazing girl in this whole damn world. 


You might have been happy to hear i'm working harder on piano than ever.

i think you keep me driving, everytime i play it's like your controlling my fingers.

and you know Bellas lullaby, i can't stop playing it.. 

it's like my life depends on it, i have to play it atleast three times a day.


and i know i'll never forget you, and i'll never think about any other girl.



/You forever boy





so this is short and i think the chapters are going to be both long and short, 

and about the dates if you were wondering, it's just made up.

leave a like and tell me what you think in da comment.

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