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Arycia is a normal human, living a normal life, with her mom, dad and younger brother, Sam. Arycia is very social, she is open and can talk to everyone she meets, she greates a bond with everyone she meets. While some thinks she is very sweet, some thinks she is very annoying, she talks alot, and sometimes people get enough of her, but she never gives up on talking to them, she always keep trying, even tho' it might get bad for her, in the end. Benjimin is a vampire, everyone he cared about, died long time ago, Benjimin is what you can call a loner, he doesn't like people, he prefer to go a looooong way around them, he only gets near them, when he needs to hunt and feed. One day, when he runs into Arycia, his temper gets tested and his feelings gets complicated, while Arycia wants to greate a bond with him.


1. The first meeting

Arycia woke up to her alarm going off at 10:00 in the morning, it's sunday and she had promised to meet her friend, Ali, at the mall, so they could go shopping for the anual summerparty, her college always throws, when summerbreak is at the door. 
Arycia gets out of bed and in to the bath, after a good nights rest, she needs a bath to wake up. 
As she steps out of the bath, she dries herself and gets into some clothes, she just choose some casual, like black jeans and a white t-shirt, saying 'get back, i bite' which wasn't really the case, cause Arycia is the friendliest girl you could ever meet, she has a lot of friends, because of her ability to speak to everyone she meets. Her friends loves her, because they feel like they can come to her with anything, and just talk it out with her, cause she is very good at that, she knows how to keep a conversation and what to say to the other person. Of course there are some who doesn't like her at all, some who thinks she is annoying, because she talks too much, tho' she still tries to become friends with her. Arycia doesn't believe in having enemies or having someone you don't like, she want's to like everyone, and she want's everyone to like her back.

She walks into her kitching and takes some cereal, before taking on shoes and jacket. She takes her car keys and her handbag with her phone and wallet in, before going out of her apartment and locking it. Arycia is 18 years old, and lives alone, she lived alone since she was 16, because her mother and Arycia weren't so good friends, but after she moved out, it has been great for the family. 

She goes down to the garage and gets in her car, but before she gets to turn on the car, her eyes catches a strange man, she never laid her eyes on before. He was carrying a box, it must be someone who was moving in, because she hadn't seen him there before. 
Suddenly they make eyecontact and Arycia looks away, but she saw his eyes, before she looked away, they were so cold and hard, with no emotion at all, she has never seen any person with such an emotionless look, it was creeping her out. 
Before she thinks more about it, she turns on the car and drives to the mall. 
When she gets to the mall, she is already late, so she gets her car parked and jumps out, to only find Ali standing at the instrance with a very unsatisfied look. 
Arycia sighs and knows what she is in for, even tho' Arycia is very kind and sweet, her best friend Ali isn't really the same, she has a short temper and can get very angry if you mess up. 

Arycia walks up to Ali, with her head held low. Ali shakes her head and sighs before hugging Arycia. 
"That took you some time, what happend?" she asked, trying to stay calm, but Arycia could see right through her, and knows that if she doesn't come up, with a good explanation, she is in for it.

"There was this guy, he was moving in i think, and we just made eye contact, his eyes were so cold and unfriendly, it caught me off guard and i was sitting there for a wild, not realising i was late, I'm so sorry, you know how much i hate being late, if i can avoid it, i will" she explains. Ali smiles and just shakes her head at Arycia. "That just sounds so much like you, you can't take it when others are unfriendly or looks cold" Ali says and laughs. Arycia just laughs with her, she knows Ali is right, but she just can't help it, she doesn't like people beeing like that. 


After some hours, Ali and Arycia are done shopping and decides to go home to themselves. Arycia parks her car down in the garage. The man she saw, when she left, wasn't there anymore, but the moving truck he came with was still there, just empty. 

She shakes it off and goes up the stairs, to her apartment, but before she reaches her apartment, on the next floor, she bumps into a very hard, cold stonewall, but it was breathing. She looks up, only to meet the same cold eyes, she met down at the garage earlier. She swallows a big lump, before opening her mouth. "Oh, sorry, didn't see you there... Um you are moving in here right?" she asks curiously. she had noticed that the apartment beside her was empty, after Mrs. Bolton had pasted away, maybe he was moving in there? 
He is just looking at her, with his cold eyes, for a minute or two, she was just about to repeat her question, as he finally answered it. 
"Yes I am, next floor on the right" he says, with an emotionless tune, just like she was imagening his voice. He was moving in, right next to her. She smiles and says. "That's right next to my apartment, so I guess you are my new neightbour, welcome" her voice is very welcoming, she is hoping, that her being happy, can make him happier, but it seems that his face is just stuck in that position. 

He sighs, before towering over her and looks her right in the eyes. "Yeah, unfortunately" he says, with no regret, just pure anger. It took her by surprise and she just stands there in awe, as he walks past her. 
She watches as he walks away, after about 5 minutes, she moves up to her apartment and locks herself in, before locking the door for the night. 
It was 8:00 pm, and she was already tired, Ali and her had eaten, so she doesn't need any dinner.
She walks to the bathroom, to take her makeup off and brush her teeth. After that, she takes her lord of the rings pyjamas on, she loves lord of the rings, she read all the books Tolkien wrote, The Silmarilion, The Hobbit, and the lord of the rings books, and she loved both the books and the movies.
She walks over to her bed, and rushes under the blankets, before turning the lights off and close her eyes. She couldn't stop thinking about her new neighbour and what he said to her, and that made her dream about him that night, just his cold eyes staring into hers, and just repeating what he said to her. "Yeah, unfortunately." over and over again, that was the worst sleep, she has ever experienced.  

- So, it's been long since I made a story, but i finally got an idea and I hope you will like it! :3

This i just the first chapter, please correct me if i spelled something wrong or my grammar is shit, I'm from Denmark, so english is not my first language! xD 

Leave a comment if you liked the story so far or have anything to improve it! :3

This story is on Wattpad, there I will be writing my stories, so my chapters will propably be up on that page, before Movellas, but i will share my stories on both sites! xD

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