Post modern Prometheus

It is about a living doll.
English is not my native language,but i try my best.
All my sories happened in my fantasy town Shangi La, where everything is possible.


1. Dolly

One hundred years ago a scientist built a doll and made her alive. It was made of porcelain and had black hair and a black dress. Unfortunately, she had no feelings because her heart did not beat. Nevertheless, she was a nice doll.

By the time they broke more and more. The lower half of her right arm was missing, her porcelain knee was injured, her neck had a crack, her hair was unkempt and littered her dress with patches. The scientist died and the doll remained in their toy box. Until heirs moved into the old house. That was yesterday.

"Mama! Look what I found! "Cried a little girl's voice. Something touched the doll and pulled her up, it went their sleepy eyes and she saw the mother and a little girl of about five years.

"Hello." Said the puppet. The little girls eyes almost popped out in amazement, "She's alive!"

"Yes, that's right." Replied the doll. "If you could please help me up?" The little girl tugged at the huge doll.

The mother said: "My mother told me that my great-grandfather has created a lively doll after his daughter had died. But to admit I would not have believed it. "

"What is your name?" Said the little girl in between.

"My creator used to call me Dolly."

"Hi Dolly! I am Rieke and that's my mom. I want to introduce to you my brother Ike he's fifteen. "

Dolly now lived with the family. Always tried as human as possible to be, and she was a little naive in feeling things. Because she herself had no feelings, she knew nothing about it. But she wanted it very much.

One day she was with Ike in the kitchen and they chatted. Ike liked Dolly, with their jerky talk with rigid fingers and bumpy nature. (Just as with talking dolls happens to be.)

Just Sparki came in through the dog door and liked Ike welcome over his face.

"Why does he do that?" wanted Dolly to know.

"He gives me a welcome kiss."

"Why?" She asked.

"Because he loves me." He replied patiently.

"And then you kiss someone?"

"Yes." He retorted

"I was never kissed by someone."

As Ike leaned over to her with pity. And as his lips touched hers, he heard a strange cranky noise.

The Kiss had made Dollys Heart mechanism put into gear and began to beat. At the first hit it popped inside against her porcelain chest, tore and broke. Dollys shards fell to the ground, shattered and fragmented.

Ike was so dismayed at Dollys death that he himself had to be torn inside, but that could not be because he was not made of porcelain.

Dolly was indeed died in the moment that fulfilled her wish. But that did not console Ike. For he was a man and had to live on with feelings.

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