Some British Lads

Emily lost her mum to her dad and now has several scars from him to. Her first one she got as young as 10 and is extremely fed up with her life. She want to leave but will she fit in in the real world or get stuck in another horrible household?



2. My saviours

It's my 18th birthday today. A neighbor gave me a bar of chocolate because she was good friends with mum but unsurprisingly I got nothing else. It was starting to get onto 12pm and then I heard Partrick yell, "Oi", he never called me by my name, "run and get me some beer". I walked into the living room carefully and asked "should I use some money?", he didn't look at me before saying, "no". He meant for me to steal it. I pulled on my black jumper and put my hoodie over my face and then some long black track pants. I then left his house and walked down the street to the dairy. The dairy was about 1km away so I ran so that Patrick wouldn't have a reason to hurt me, not that he ever needed one. I looked at the ground as I walked fast and went through my usual thoughts: death, running away, pain when I saw the dairy up ahead. I was starting to feel a little tired but did I want punishment or tiredness? I raced in, took a couple of individual cans and put them in my pockets I then sprinted out of the shop. The alarm went off. I heard some people yelling so I kept running. After I was as far away as I normally am when people stop chasing me, I turned around to see 2 boys, about 24 years old still chasing me. I was tired now but I had to keep running. One of the boys had lighter brown hair swept to the left with chocolate brown eyes and the other had pitch black hair swept to the right with piercing blue eyes. I kept running but I was getting really tired. I turned into a street and realised it was a dead end. They also turned into the dead end and by that point I was afraid for my life. I rolled the beer cans towards them but they kept walking. I crouched down in the corner, holding my knees why the boys also crouched down beside me. The brown haired boy took off my hoodie and made and un-audible gasp before the other boy came over and did the same thing. I knew what they were staring at, my fresh cuts, slap marks and bruises covering my face. The black haired boy finally said, "Hi I'm Phil, this is Dan, we aren't going to hurt you, we promise...what's your name. I hadn't spoken for 5 years but they had an aura that made me feel slightly less uncomfortable and trusting. "Emily" I said really quietly but seemed to hear. "How did this happen?", the brown haired boy said.

" dad", they looked at each other shocked but didn't say anything. At this point I was really tired. Then a thought sprung into my mind. I've been out later than 10 minutes. Just as I thought that, Patrick's silhouette appeared at the entrance to the alleyway. Even though I couldn't see his face very well, I could clearly see his anger filled eyes. He advanced on me at a slow jog but dan and phil stood in front of me. Then Dan spun around and looked at me and said "Is this Patrick", I nodded slowly and then dan threw a punch at him before Phil kicked him in the balls. I started to feel light headed because of lack of sleep and then i passed out. I woke up what must be an hour of so later because dan was carrying me through the park. Over his shoulder i could see Phil talking to the police and Patrick getting into a cop car. Dan looked at me and said "why don't you look anyone in the eye?", I felt embarrassed that he had noticed but told him, "I got punished if I ever looked Patrick in the eye", dan looked understanding. We reached the other side of the deserted park and he put me in a car. "We will just wait for phil to finish reporting...Patrick...Is that his name", I nodded at him and he continued "And then you can come back with us to our house. Dan sat in the back seat with me. I felt so lucky to have been saved by dan and phil. They were so kind but I was to tired to think and then I just fell asleep.

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