Some British Lads

Emily lost her mum to her dad and now has several scars from him to. Her first one she got as young as 10 and is extremely fed up with her life. She want to leave but will she fit in in the real world or get stuck in another horrible household?



1. My Past

My name is Emily Claire Miller. My middle and last name is after my Mum. My last name is really Harris because of my dad, Patrick but I hate him. I live in London but the house I have to live in is horrible. My dad killed my mum, did his time and then came back and expressed his anger and frustration on me. I am abused by my dad and because he doesn't want to be caught, I can't go to school most days and I probably only go 1 a week and if someone asks I fell or tripped. I call him Patrick because a REAL dad wouldn't kill his wife and abuse his only child. The first time he hurt me was when I was 10. He threatened to hurt me but never did up until one day when I had met a girl who liked me. I didn't have many friends then because I wasn't at school a lot and when I was I never talked, not once so when someone wanted to hangout one time, I gave her my phone number and when I got to Patrick's house, she had called. He yelled and screamed at me he saying he didn't want people calling or coming over to this house EVER! I wasn't showing any sorts of sorry or sympathy because I was so done with him then, he slapped me. He slapped me then kicked a floor-standing mirror and I sprinted to my room and locked the door just incase. I was a speedy girl then and now because I wasn't fed often and would spend my time until then running around the garden by myself. He never came but I had a bright red and bruised mark from under my ear to my left eye. He yelled at me saying no more showers for the week and only 1 apple for lunch. The next week i had to go to school because they were getting suspicious. I had a shower because I smelt and was dirty. I took a shower in the morning before school and after getting changed, opened the door to a rage-filled Patrick. He advanced on me and I backed into the corner. He then wrenched my arm away from my body and took the glass from his pocket and sliced my arm while yelling at me not to wake him up because I wanted a bloody shower. The once clean glass was suddenly covered in crimson red blood and I was in too much pain to even scream. Then he hissed in my ear, "You are going to will put something on will not show a soul or else" as soon as he left, I stuck a couple of plasters on my arm and grabbed my books and bag and ran all the way to school. It's been the same for the last 7 years. I am 17 now and have burn scars, glass scars from the same piece of glass 7 years ago, and I even have a long knife mark from when I talked back. I no longer talk at all. Not at school and not at home unless he want me to. Its horrible

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