My brothers best friend (Remake from my wattpad)

Liv falls for Luke Hemmings, her brothers best friend in other terms. Ashton Irwin is her brother. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 9 and Ashton was 10. Now Ashton and Liv live alone in their previous house when they were kids. It seems like nothing has changed but one day Ashton gets drunk and things from there go completely wrong. Or turn out amazing, read on to find out!


8. Ch. 8

Livs pov

"I can't believe How much pregnancy test are!" I said quietly yelling. Ashton came over and laughed while putting his hands around my waist from behind. "Hey, you gonna get those or what?" He said and kissed my neck. "You know, you both look like brother and sister. I find it adorable." A women shopping in the next aisle said to us and smiled. "Oh.... W-well mam we're only d-dating." Ashton stuttered causing me to giggle. "He does that a lot. I find it cute, his stuttering." The nice lady laughed with me. Ashton blushed and said, "You two talk, I'm gonna go get some.... Uh- Just meet me at the cash register." "Ok baby." I said and giggled while kissing his lips. He smiled and walked away. "So, how long have you two been going out?" The lady asked as we walked down the aisle. "Oh about a year now." I lied. "Wow! That's a straight on relationship. So I see your looking for pregnancy test. Do you need any help?" This lady seemed really nice. She sort of reminds me of my mother. But my mother would kill me if she knew Ashton and I had sex without protection. "Sure! Thank you. I really need help." I said and smiled. She came over and helped me pick out the right one. She gave me her email if I needed any other help with anything. "Once the baby is born I will email you and maybe you could babysit?" I asked. "Sure! I'd love too! I'm Lisa by the way, what's you name?" "I'm Liv, Liv Irwin." "Pretty name!" She said nicely. I smiled and waved goodbye and met up with Ashton at the counter. "Hey baby." He said and kissed my cheek. If we're going to be at a store together, we mine as well try the part of being together. He put up his stuff and I put up mine. "That'll be $24.59. And you two look perfect with each other. Did you know?" The man said and smiled at me and Ashton. Fan girls were standing at the door waiting to come in but they were stopped by security. Luke didn't even think about security the first time we went out. Ashton thinks ahead. I like that. I kissed his cheek and said, "Well he's the best. I love him so much too. But he can be a bit over protective of me sometimes." I smiled and Ashton said, "Yeah, we've been dating for a year now." He hugged me which made me blush. We paid for our stuff and went out to his car. It was black and it was a jeep with one of those over heads that open all the way. It was awesome. I sat in the front and girls immediately surrounded his car. "Guys can you please leave us alone?" Ashton asked frailing his hands. Paparazzi started to take pictures so Ashton covered my face with his arms. Technically hugging me. I blushed and looked down at his crotch, it was getting bigger as I was staying down there. I let loose of his grip and flashes were the only thing I saw. Michael pulled up and made the crowd back off. He helped me out and lightly held my stomach. "Are you ready to take the test?" Michael asked and smiled. "Yeah, just get me home you dorks." I said and kissed his cheek. He still had his hand on my stomach. Paparazzi probably just got a picture of that but oh well. I love Michael, I know I do. But then Luke and Calum showed up. Girls started to scream even more. It was causing my head to hurt constantly. All four boys were looking at me curiously and wondering if I was okay. "Guys can I just go home! I'm getting so stressed out because of all this screaming and I just gotta pee really badly!" I said the truth. "Okay, Ash, you deal with the Fan girls and I'll get her safe and home." Michael said and smiled. I got in the car and a paparazzi person started questioning us. "Michael, is it true that you and this, girl are dating?" "Well for your information, I suggest you stay out of our business and let me get her home so we can see if-" "MICHAEL!" I screamed and punched his arm. "DRIVE!" I said getting moody. "Ouch! Okay!" Michael said and sped up he slowed down once we were getting near his house. I texted Ashton and Luke that we'd be at Michael's house for the result. We reached Michael's house and I ran to the door. "Thank you so much Michael. I love you." I said and kissed his lips. A flash broke the make out session and Michael screamed, "GET OFF MY PROPERTY!" The camera man ran off and Michael and I walked inside his house. "Hey mum." He said as we walked in. "Hello Mrs. Clifford, Where's the bathroom?" I asked and almost peed. "Up the stairs and to the left. And hello Miss. Irwin." she said standing next to the flowers giving them a trim for they're white flower petals. Michael smiled and led me upstairs and to the left. "Michael, you never told me your house was so huge! And that's not the only thing that's huge that you have." I said trying to flirt. "Ha, you should know." he said and opened the door to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and Michael watched me. I picked up a towel and threw it at him and told him to get out.

Michael's pov

"Michael! Guess what!" Liv said happily as she walked outside the bathroom door. "I'm pregnant!" She said and screamed again. I laughed and said, "Do you want to keep it?" "Duh! half of him or her is yours and mine! But we need to see a doctor first. To tell weather it's a boy or its a girl. Ultra sound." She said and kissed my cheek. "I- I'm a father.... I'M A FATHER! Wahoo!" I screamed through the house. "Shit! How do I tell my mum?!" I asked Liv. "I think she already knows..." she said and blushed. My mum was standing in the door way of my room. "You're gonna be a father!" She said happily. I'm 20 so whats the point of yelling at me. But maybe a yell to Liv because she's only 18. "Mum! I'm gonna be a father!" I screamed and pulled out to take a video and tell my fans the news. "Hey guys, I'm here with Ashton's sister. We just had some really big news to tell you. Here. We'll tell you together." I looked at Liv who was bouncing up and down with my mum. I laughed and said, "Babe, come over here. Let's tell the fans." "Okay!" She said and tackled me into the bed. We laughed and said, "We're gonna be parents!" She screamed happily. I laughed and kissed her. She smiled and straggled me on the bed. My mum left to go tell my dad who was calling the house phone. I put my phone down on the table top and secured my hands on Livs waist. I smiled and took off her shirt. She smiled and said, "Let's do this one with protection." She pulled off my pants and boxers and gave me a blow job to stiffen me up. Then she put on the condom. She pulled off her skirt and panties causing me to blush. "I fucking love you." I said and kissed her lips. She moaned and sat on me. She kissed my neck as she bounced. "A little help Michael?" She said and kissed my cheek after I moaned. "Sure. Let me just-" someone came threw the door. "MICHAEL! YOUR LIVE STREAMING SEX!" Ashton screamed at us. "WHAT THE FUCK!" I screamed. Liv hid in my chest. "Liv I know that's you. Your gonna have to tell him what happened when you ran away." "Michael, the baby isn't all yours. It's mine, yours and Ashton's." "What?" "Ash is the father too." "You had sex with your brother!?" I screamed and turned off the live stream.

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