My brothers best friend (Remake from my wattpad)

Liv falls for Luke Hemmings, her brothers best friend in other terms. Ashton Irwin is her brother. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 9 and Ashton was 10. Now Ashton and Liv live alone in their previous house when they were kids. It seems like nothing has changed but one day Ashton gets drunk and things from there go completely wrong. Or turn out amazing, read on to find out!


7. Ch. 7

Liv's pov

I woke up at Michael's house in his bed. Or at least I think it was his bed. He walked in drying his hair and had a towel around his waist. I blushed and yawed, while stretching my arms. "Hey sleepy head. You're up early." he said and smiled. I've always liked Michael. He's so nice to me. "Hey." I said and yawned again. "Right. Not a morning person ha." Mikey said and smiled. "So, do you want to take a shower? I can show you how to operate it." He asked nicely. "Sure. Is it one of those really complicated showers?" I asked concerned. "No. I'll just show you anyway." He said as we walked in the bathroom. "So this is the cold water and this is the hot water." Like I said, 'He's so nice to me.' I smiled and said, "Thanks Mikey. Can I have a towel?" He smiled and said, "Have mine." I blushed and said, "Uhh, your d**k is touching my leg." "I'll just put it somewhere else then." Mikey said and smiled. He kissed me and started to take off my clothing. I let him and felt it was time for another round. Soon we were in the shower. Michael shoved me against the wall and kissed my neck. "Michael-" I moaned constantly. "Can I fuck you now?" he asked getting ready. "I still didn't give you your blow job."I said and smiled while kneeling down. Michael smiled and pushed his full length into my mouth. "Mmm- agh not- to- fast-" I said between pushes. My phone buzzed but I couldn't check it because we were in the shower. I sucked faster and faster until he cummed into my mouth. "Michael!" I said and got up. "I'm eighteen and you could've just got me pregnant!" I screamed at him. He hugged me when I started to cry. I hugged him back and my phone buzzed again. I decided to check it and I saw two pictures attached to a text message. Michael and I got out and dried ourselves before sitting on his bed to check. We were still both naked. I sat on him and checked my phone while kissing his neck. I opened the text and it was a picture of Michael and I in the shower hugging and it was the other one was when he cummed in my mouth. I gasped and looked at the text- Anonymous// If you don't want Luke to find out you did this without his permission, come to the skate park at 7:30 sharp// "Don't go, what if they hurt you?" "They won't because you'll be there right?" "Sure i'll come. But, i'll have to stay hidden." Michael said and hugged me. "I never got to suck your boobs though..." "Ugh, get off. You already cummed in my mouth." 5 minutes later, Michael and I finished our dinner and we were both fully dressed. We headed towards the skate park and acted like a couple. He held my hand and said, "Wanna go to the beach later?" "Sure, please don't fuck me in the water though." I said and laughed with him. It was almost dark when we finally reached the skate park. "Hey Liv, whose your new boyfriend huh?" The drug dealer from my school was laughing with my best friend Julie. "Julie?! Why didn't you tell me!?" I screamed at her. "BECAUSE YOU NEVER LISTEN TO ANYTHING I HAVE TO SAY." She screamed back. Then she laughed with the boys. She must be high. Michael stepped in front of me and said, "What does any of this have to do with Liv?!"

Michael's pov

"If you want to see your girlfriend alive, I suggest you let her come sit down over here." I looked at Liv, who was already looking at me. "I'll go." Liv said and started to walk over. "No! What if they hurt you?" I asked turning her around and holding her hands. "I have you here, remember?" I blushed and didn't want to let her go, but I had to if I wanted to see her alive again. Two boys came over and held me down. "How old are you?" The boy sitting next to Liv asked her. "18.... Why?" She said scared-like. "Good. But why are you having sex with a 20 year old?" "Because I love him...." She said and gulped. "I love you too." I said trying to get loose from the two boys holding me back. "Zach, why did you want me here?" She asked him. "To do this-" he said and kissed her. She pulled away, probably smelling his horrible breath, but he continued to pull her in and kiss her longer. "GET OFF MY BEST FRIENDS SISTER YOU ASS HOLE!" Luke came out of know where and started throwing punches at him. I got loose and punched the boys who were holding me down to the ground. Liv's friends ran off. She was on the ground. I ran over but I was stopped by Luke. "Liv are you okay?!" He asked concerned. She was shaking in fear. "L-Luke? What are you doing here? and why didn't you call me your girlfriend?" She asked shaking. "Because it's all over the Internet that you and Michael are dating. So I thought you were done with me so I moved on. I don't have a girlfriend though. I can never get one."

Liv's pov

"Luke, I'm not Michael's girlfriend. I do love him though, very much, but every guy has to have pleasure in his life so I'm just that girl you fuck on the side. Which makes me a nobody. And I was never a somebody so I can never get a life-long boyfriend. I'm that horrible." I said and started to cry. Luke and Mikey hugged me. I pushed them away and started to run. I wanted to go somewhere but I didn't know where. I decided to run to Ashton and I's parents old house before we moved closer in town. It was old and rickety inside but I went into my room which was left the same before we had to evacuate it. We were being evicted because we couldn't pay our rent and so we moved out and Ashton and I had to start working when I was 9 and he was 10. But we were driving to work one day and our parents got into a horrible crash, them dead and us.... Well we just had scrapes all over. Ashton and I are still scared today and they never caught the killer who killed our parents that night. The guy tried to abduct us but Ashton beat him up and we ran for it. We stayed at Michael's house when he was 9 at the time and his mother was still around. She moved away when Michael turned 15. I was 13. Ashton was 16. I left my phone at Michael's not knowing I actually wanted it now and I herd a car pull into the drive way. I ignored it and fell onto my old bed. I herd footsteps coming up to my room and got scared. "Liv.... Are you here?" Ashton said and it looked like he'd been crying once he walked into the room. He ran over to me and said, "Liv! I've been looking all over for you. Luke and Michael are crying and trying everything they can to find you. Right about now they might just be in Canada." He said and chuckled slightly. I sat up and hugged him. He kissed me and I felt like he was the boy I've been dreaming of. We started to make out and it just felt right. Ash took off his shirt and I took off mine. He smiled and said, "I feel wrong, but right now it feels so right." He kissed my neck and started to unhook my bra. As he did I slid my hands down his side and down his pants. He moaned as I palmed him. We herd footsteps and I said, "It can't be anyone we know. We never told anyone this about this place. Unless...." "Did you tell Julie about it!?" "Liv? You there?" Julie asked. It was definitely her. Ashton his his face in my neck and wrapped his hands around my waist. "H-hey Julie!" I said grabbing Ashton's back. He moaned. "Is that Ashton?!" She asked pointing to him. He turned around and waved slightly before taking my other hand out of his pants. "I'm getting a picture of this! Ha!" She said and snapped a picture. "Julie no!" I said and put a hand up to stop her, so did Ashton but he turned around to cover me. She took a few pictures and told me she posted them on Instagram. Ashton got an alert on his phone, so he opened it and saw the picture of us on Twitter. "Liv.... She posted them on Twitter. There's comments already. Do you want me to read them?" "S-sure." I said scared at what he was going to read out loud. "Liv's a whore. Ashton is dating his sister?! Does he know she's dating Luke and Michael too? Who's next, Calum?" He paused, "Do you want me to read more?" "I want you to fuck me more." I said and smiled. He smiled and took off my bra. Julie started to video. I didn't care that she was there. Ashton pulled me on top of him and smiled. Ashton's phone buzzed but he just payed attention to me. I could feel him getting harder and harder so I just took off his pants and boxers so that I could sit on him. He moaned with me and squeezed my boobs. I leaned down to kiss him and Julie left. He smiled and brushed his hand over my hair to move it out of my face as I was bouncing up and down on him. I felt something fill up inside me and blushed. "Ash?! Did you-" "Holy fuck. I'm so sorry!"

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