My brothers best friend (Remake from my wattpad)

Liv falls for Luke Hemmings, her brothers best friend in other terms. Ashton Irwin is her brother. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 9 and Ashton was 10. Now Ashton and Liv live alone in their previous house when they were kids. It seems like nothing has changed but one day Ashton gets drunk and things from there go completely wrong. Or turn out amazing, read on to find out!


10. ch. 10

Luke's pov

We pulled up to Michael's house because we had some big news to tell Liv and the rest of the boys. By "We" I mean Calum and I. We walked up to the porch and knocked on the door when Liv answered. She was wearing Michael's batman pajamas and Blink-182 was playing in the back round throughout the house. She had sweat pants on with little batman symbols, same for the shirt. But she turned that into a crop top. It looked sexy on her. She frowned and closed the door. "Who was it baby?" Michael asked, sounding like he was coming closer to the door. "Luke..." she said and Michael opened the door. Liv had her arms crossed and stood behind Michael eyeing me and Calum. "Hey Mikey. I have a big announcement. Can we come in?" Michael looked at Liv who rolled her eyes and turned away. "What did I do!?" I asked, pleading him for an answer. "You hurt her. Now come in and get it over with." Michael said, following  Liv behind. I looked at Calum and he shrugged. "Whatever." I mumbled and Calum walked inside with me and into the living room. "So, band meeting please! Everyone gather around!" I said as nicely as I could as everyone entered the living room. "Make this quick." Liv said and sat down. I rolled my eyes and spoke, "So, One Direction has agreed to let us go on tour with them!" Everyone had a shocked look on their face and started to cheer. I laughed and hugged them as they hugged me. "Wow! That's so great! I can't believe you guys are going on tour with 1D!... But, whose gonna help me with the..." Liv paused and looked at Michael who had his hands on his head. "Fuck. I forgot about the baby..." Ashton said, repeating Michael's action. "Wait, you two are the fathers and I'm not?!" I said frailing my arms. Liv looked scared, Michael was blank faced, and Ash, he was just dumbfounded. "Luke, we were gonna tell you, but Liv was just so mad at you, we didn't think of telling you.... Sorry." Ashton said scared. "Liv, I'm so sorry." I said and walked out. "Luke?!" a familiar voice called, but it wasn't Liv's. I turned around and saw, "Jessica!" I ran up to her and gave her a huge hug. "God. Where were you?!" I said and put her down. She laughed and said, "Lukey!" "Luke?" "Luke!?" She kept repeating. I woke up and I was on the couch. Liv was on my waist trying to wake me up. "I-I'm fine-e." "Hey, are you okay?" Liv asked probably not hearing what I said the first time. "Y-yeah Liv. I had this wierd dream that you were pregnant and Ashton and Michael were the fathers. Not me." I said and chuckled slightly, but my chest hurt. "Liv, you're hurting me." I said and despised ever looking up at her neck. "Guys, there's something else I have been meaning tell you." I said and sat up, causing Liv to fall into my lap. "Hey, Liv. What are those bite marks on your neck?" Michael asked and Liv clenched her hand to her neck. She blushed and looked me directly in the eyes. "I-I'm a vampire. Even though, you might not belive me, but i'm one that can stand the light rays of the sun. I meant to tell you later on, but I never got the chance. I'll go now." They all looked shocked as I took Liv off my waist and headed out. I trailed my eyes down to the floor and shed a tear. I knew they never wanted me back. "Luke-" Liv said calmly. I couldn't see any of her actions so I just kept walking instead of looking back. I closed the door and all I could hear was the sounds of nature calling my name.

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