My brothers best friend (Remake from my wattpad)

Liv falls for Luke Hemmings, her brothers best friend in other terms. Ashton Irwin is her brother. Her parents died in a car crash when she was only 9 and Ashton was 10. Now Ashton and Liv live alone in their previous house when they were kids. It seems like nothing has changed but one day Ashton gets drunk and things from there go completely wrong. Or turn out amazing, read on to find out!


1. Ch. 1

Livs pov

I was at the pizza place, working the night shift when my brother came in drunk with his best friend, who I've had a crush on ever since he introduced him to me. I asked Ashton if he got drunk again. Ashton didn't answer me until Luke was staring at me, and got so mad his face started to turn red. Ashton Took a good look at us both and decided to bring us home together and that'd we'd stay with Calum. Luke said, "Okay. Liv, don't you have to close the shop?"

"Hmm? Oh yeah!" I said drifting out of my daydream of Luke standing right in front of me. He laughed causing me to blush. I walked into the shop and closed it before  picking up a pizza. Half was Hawaiian and half was pepperoni. As Ashton went out the door, Luke said to me "You cold?" I blushed and said "Yea, a little." He took off his coat while I was rubbing my arms, the coat reached my shoulders and rested there until we got back to Calum's house. "I can't believe I'm seeing Calum hoods house!" I screamed in amazement.

Luke laughed and said, "You're happy." "Well, I am a pretty big fan of this band. And I think Calum is awesome at the guitar." 'Why did I just say that!?' I thought to myself and blushed. Luke blushed and held the door open for me. "Thanks Luke." I said and giggled. "Well, look who finally showed up!" Ashton said half drunk. "I thought'd you two would've had sex by now!" Ashton said and laughed. I blushed, Luke just shrugged.

I put the pizza on the glass table and sat on the couch. Luke sat on the other couch and I had wished he sat next to me. "So what movie do you want to watch?" Luke asked me and blushed. I smiled and said, "Pursuit of happiness." "That's my favorite movie!" Michael said putting his car keys on the desk top. "Hey Mikey!" I said and ran up to hug him. "MMM. I missed you Liv..." Michael said and kissed me. "How was work?" Mikey questioned. "Ashton came home drunk again." I said and looked at him, who was now passed out on the floor.

Michael laughed and said, "Oh, Ash....." I laughed along with the rest of the boys. Luke put on the movie and immediately Michael and I snuggled up against each other. I almost fell asleep halfway through. 'Michael and I aren't dating. We're just really good friends.' I thought and blushed. Micheal no longer had me cradled in his arms, it was Luke. I smiled and fell back asleep. I could feel Luke getting hard. I just shut my eyes.

The boys must have thought I was still asleep, so Calum asked Luke, "Haha! Luke! how hard are you getting now?!" He teased.  "Shut up Calum..." Luke scolded. I yawned and woke up. "H-hey, I'll put you in bed. Cal, where's the guest room?" Luke asked and blushed. "Up the stairs and then the others and turn right. It's the second door to the left." Calum said and ate a piece of pizza. Luke got up and made sure I was secure in his arms. Even though I already was.

"Hey, Luke..." I said sleepily as Luke carried me into the room. "Hey. Do you want me to tuck you in?" he asked and blushed. "Sure..." I said and kissed him. He blushed and sat me down on the bed still kissing me. "L-luke" I moaned. His tongue roamed my mouth causing me to moan again. "Do you want to do this?" He asked. "Yes Lucas.." I said and smiled. He smiled.

After a few minutes of making out I straddled him, I could feel him getting hard underneath me so I pulled a the hem of his shirt. Which soon came over his head. "Liv-" he moaned. I ran my hand across his chest as he undid my work uniform. It took a long time for him to unhook my bra but as soon as he did we were kissing again, but it felt slower and more deeper than before. He gently squeezed on my boobs before sucking my right nipple. His hands moved slowly down my body before pulling off my skirt, which came off quickly, leaving me only in my panties. He took off my panties and his pants as well. Along with his boxers.

Without any notice he slid two fingers in my clit and pushed harshly. "Lu-uke..." I moaned as his tongue traveled down my body and roamed near my clit. "Luke, I'm gonna c-cum..." "Wait for me..." he said and thrusted into me. "Luke!" I screamed causing my head to jerk backwards. Calum rushed in and had a shocked look on his face. "Sorry guys... I thought Liv was being attacked.. I'll let you two be." he left and Luke and I just laughed. "Wanna continue?" I asked. "I'm still inside you..."Luke said and kissed my left nipple. He sucked it while still thrusting into me. 

"Mmm-" Luke moaned. I giggled as he tickled my side trying to rub it softly. "M-haha, what?" Luke said trying not to laugh. "You're so goddamn beautiful Liv." Luke said and without any notice he pushed his lips against my clit and sucked until I moaned. I felt a tingly sensation in my stomach. "L-Luke, I'm gonna c-cum..." I said as he thrusted harder into me. "Me- too" Luke moaned back. He pulled out and came all over my stomach. He put his fingers in me and waited till I orgasmed onto his fingers. Luke smiled and layed next to me panting for air. We laughed and then hugged each other. Then we fell asleep.

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