The Karters

Smallville replay, kidding almost.Its about three brothers who are superhuman and land on earth lost. And then separated from each other tend to find one another. With a war of chaos of supers and villains in their way. Also maybe some love too.


2. The Landing

"Hello and good morning this is good morning news coming to you live with an announcement. Here in 1983 in New York, we come to you with the news.In the park of New York In the far deep woods resides a cave. A man who comes every day goes to visit these woods to capture photographs of new animal species. Instead, he said he took pictures of three small boys running around. He also said he thinks they live in the cave and that they might need help or are dangerous,"said The news lady.

"Okay Jackie back to you,"said The news lady.

"Okay well Linda this man took me directly to them, they seem like pretty normal kids wait,"said Jackie pushing the cameraman away to stop moving seeing the kids rush out of the cave she does not want to scare them. She approaches them slowly.

"Hey, little ones are you okay? do you need help?"asked Jackie looking back at the cameraman signaling are you getting this.

The kid that looks like the oldest is probably like 8 years old stands in front of his brothers defending them from the threat.

"Hey, It's okay I am not dangerous,"said Jackie.

"Please miss just in case you should be careful,"said the man anxious.

"What they're just kids that need help,"said Jackie.

"What's your name?"asked Jackie getting a little worried.

"Nediak...whispers the boy and then the two brothers who seem to be 5 years old  and the other 2 years old look very scared starts to speak to their brothers in a weird alien language.

"Cookna fak na di shi may,"said the boy that looks to be five.

"you come over here,"said Jackie getting worried.

"Do you know the language their speaking in?"asked Jackie.

"No miss,"replied the man.

"Please it's okay come with me and you will be saved,"said Jackie extending out her hand.

Nediak reaches to grab her hand. But he when holds her hands instantly Jackie's whole body dropped onto the ground. Her whole hand turned all black like if she's been electrified. Jackie starts shaking on ground with white foam coming out of her mouth. Nediak scared of what he just saw he takes both his brothers back into the cave running.

"Miss! are you okay? screamed the man.

Jackie became unconscious.

"Uh...what just happened?"asked the cameraman confused.

"Call the hospital she needs help now! Hurry!"screamed the man.

"Uh did you get that Linda, back to you,"said the cameraman.

"......"very shocked.

" Jackie someone hurry up and call 911!"screamed the news lady very phased out.

The news lady turns back around to face the camera since she is on TV. She has to finish saying the news.

"Well, there you have it, folks, who or what are these three mysterious boys.

"Okay and cut!"said the director.

"Wow okay is Jackie okay?"asked Linda the news lady.

"No miss she's been hurt pretty bad,"said a worker.

"Oh no! Jackie, okay someone needs to send down there the police or scientists those kids are just demons how can a boy put my sister Jackie unconscious with just one touch !"said Linda furiously mad.

"I am sorry guys but I have to go to the hospital bye,"said Linda leaving faster than the flash.

 (Who are these mysterious boys?)

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