The Karters

Smallville replay, kidding almost.Its about three brothers who are superhuman and land on earth lost. And then separated from each other tend to find one another. With a war of chaos of supers and villains in their way. Also maybe some love too.


1. Planet Surax

In the dawn of night in the year of the eighteen hundreds. There was a time a man believed in other creatures such as their selves out in the sky up high. One night a man predicted that a new era of creatures will start to come alive. When a blue ray of light and a purple ray of light collapsed on one another. And so it became true.

On that day what really happen was the creation of the planet Surax. For the first time something that is impossible happened. The first man to touch the galaxy. But not a man of earth instead a man of another planet. It is to be said that the babies in the planet of Surax came down as a star baby. The first star baby that landed on Surax. Touched the planet and a poof of beautiful waters, and greens of rainbow colors painted all over the planet appeared as sunshine shined above us all. These star babies hold the key and intelligence of the world. Super human and skilled. But one man disagreed on the laws and changed it all. And so everyone was raised to be a weapon instead.

Thous the starting...

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