What Movellas means to me

What does Movellas mean to me? Yes, it is more than a website, more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle :)


2. What I write for

My writing definitely isn't unique. I say that because most of my writing is teen non-fiction. I have never liked poetry, but once I started Movellas, it became enjoyable. I wrote a short page a few months ago titled, "My story." In it, I addressed how my anxiety and OCD tendencies started at a young age. I had found it easier to write my struggles and then share them easier than talking face to face with someone. I am horrible at making eye contact, and writing for me was easier than conversation. When I joined Movellas, I wrote about everyone being equals. I had gotten a response on one of my poems from another Movellas user. They had said that their religion was different than mine, but that they agreed with my poem and what I had written. For me, if I can show someone that they are not alone, or that they're not insane because they feel a certain way, that is success. On "My story" someone had commented that they were glad they didn't struggle alone. If I would have known that it was okay to feel anxious so young, I would have been able to control my struggles better. I haven't met many people on Movellas yet, but I am hoping to keep in touch with the friends I have made. 


Now that I have talked about myself a lot, I will continue congratulating Movellas on their 7 year anniversary. 7 years is a big success. Most websites become abandoned, or never succeed like the one I tried creating. But, that's another story, literally. So Movellas crew, while I have bored you with my many stories of myself, feel free to celebrate. Celebrate your graduation of first grade, the step into true elementary school. As you grow up, continue to enhance author's lives and careers by providing a sense of belonging that all writers need. While you advance into the world of double digits, I will continue to think that your site is one of the best sites for writing that I have visited. Yes, I've talked about myself a lot, and I will continue, but only because you need to hear it. If there is one thing that my anxiety and OCD had taught me, it's that you have a choice. You have a choice whether or not you want to be miserable and depressed. No matter what, you have to fight the urge to give in. When you advance into second grade and beyond, you have to fight the urge of peer pressure. As you grow up, you have to make your choice. Whether you want to take down this site, or continue to enhance millions of people's lives and writing abilities. You have the choice to succeed or to fail. So, Movellas, as you decorate your parent's refrigerators with your second grade painting, we will continue to be fans of your site. Happy 7th anniversary Movellas, keep up the good work!

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