What Movellas means to me

What does Movellas mean to me? Yes, it is more than a website, more than a hobby. It's a lifestyle :)


1. More than a hobby

Hhm, let's see here. I sit in front of a computer, I type, only with my two fingers. I'm entering Movellas writing contest. No, that's a bad start.

         What does Movellas' seven year anniversary mean to me? Well, congrats Movellas, on graduating first grade! I've only been a member for almost 2 months (As of May 2016) but I'm already a fan. I've entered two contests already, this being my third. I'm anxiously awaiting my poems to be judged by the Movellas crew. I've met talented writers already, the fact that they're even considering my poems is cool to me. As Movellas graduates first grade, I continue to write. I first started with my typical stories I had already created. I don't write my poems out first, I do but rarely. I usually sit and think of rhyming words, or lyrics. When I wrote one of my poems, I listened to the song, "A thousand years." Is it a song that makes me want to cry? Yes. Is it a song that touches deeper than just the lyrics? Yes. Did it give me inspiration to write? Yes, and that made all the difference. I've made hidden messages in my poems, and I've gotten a comment about one. On Movellas, I am sharing my secret words in the form of poetry. I've never been a poet, it's just something that turned fun once I came to this site. I actually stumbled upon Movellas but quiet accident. I had been searching sites for soon-to-be authors. I have been wanting to be a writer since I was a younger child, but I specifically remember one time. I had been at my grandmother's work, a small packaging factory in a town of only 4,000 people. I had been sitting in her work place, a living room type of setting that lead to other doors. The whole work was the size of a house. I had been sitting at the table, eating a typical 10 year old's snack of hot cheetos and of course, a huge water bottle for the spicy treat. I don't remember why I had been with her all day, but that was unlike me. Having anxiety and OCD starting at a young age, I didn't want to leave my parents, specifically my mom, for long. I had gotten bored, and my grandmother let me type on the type writer. The type writer, the machine that didn't like me, I had to keep starting over. I had first played around on it. I don't remember how, but I started writing stories. If I remember correctly, I wrote three stories that day. I had asked my grandmother, "How do you spell cemetery?" She had replied, "Oh, it's going to be a scary story."


        I remember one story I really liked when I re-read it later on. It was about two dinosaurs, one being different than the other. I don't remember much but I know I had the two dinosaurs meat a caveman (Keep in mind, I was only 10!) I had the caveman insult the dinosaurs, saying that they didn't fit in with the others. At the end of my story, I had written, "It doesn't matter what you look like on the outside, but the inside that matters." After I had written that day, I continued to write. Whether it was on my Nintendo DS on a family road trip, or in my head without paper, I wrote. I stopped writing a lot when I was around twelve years old, I'm guessing. I wrote in a journal, but I didn't write stories. Until I found Movellas, my writing was at a stand still. Now, everyday I feel not only inspired to write, but that writing isn't just an activity, it truly is something I enjoy. 

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