Suicide Queen (ended)

"Gigi you cut on your legs, deep. You must've lost too much blood because you passed out. Your in the hospital" I said

"Oh" is all she said

"I carried you to the car and held you in the backseat the whole time. I was crying. I was so scared. Please don't ever cut again. It gets better I promise. That fan was stupid and fake" I said

"I'm sorry Ashton" she said

"It's okay princess. And I have to ask you something. Ever since the meet and greet I have liked you. In fact I love you. It's only been a few days but I'm in love with you Gigi. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


4. chapter 3

The countdown was at ten seconds the fans cheered and counted down. Ashton came running out and quickly did a drum solo then Calum, Luke, and Michael came running out and started singing 'She looks so perfect' the crowd sung a long and Michael took out his ear piece to hear them more clearly. And calum sung amnesia and the fans went wild. After the show Lyssa and I went backstage to meet them. We walked in and there was the guys. Michael held out his hands for a hug and I ran to him. We told them our names and I hugged all the guys and we got one big picture. It was time for us to go but before we left Ashton grabbed my arm. He was touching my scars and I closed my eyes tightly to avoid screaming out loud.

"Why are you wearing long sleeves when it's 80 degrees out?" He asked

"No reason" I responded avoiding eye contact

"Gigi do you cut?" He asked

"Umm... N... N.... No" I said

"I know that response. Please promise me you won't ever again. It gets better I promise" he said lifting up his sleeve revealing the old scars. He slipped a piece of paper into my flannel pocket and he hugged me again and then we left.

A/n sorry my chapters are so short💖

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