Suicide Queen (ended)

"Gigi you cut on your legs, deep. You must've lost too much blood because you passed out. Your in the hospital" I said

"Oh" is all she said

"I carried you to the car and held you in the backseat the whole time. I was crying. I was so scared. Please don't ever cut again. It gets better I promise. That fan was stupid and fake" I said

"I'm sorry Ashton" she said

"It's okay princess. And I have to ask you something. Ever since the meet and greet I have liked you. In fact I love you. It's only been a few days but I'm in love with you Gigi. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


22. chapter 21 (ending chapter)

It was the second to last group to come in. Three of them screamed and ran over to then the fourth girl with long blonde hair and bright blue eyes walked in silently keeping her eyes on the ground. She was wearing a sweater. It was 95 degrees here. The boys hugged her and we learned her name is Ashley. Ashton pulled her over to the side.

"Why are you wearing a sweater when it's 95 degrees out?" He asked.

She kept her eyes on the floor, "no reason"

"Ashley do you cut?" He asked

"No um no" she said.

Same situation with me.

"I know that answer" I said walking over. I lifted up my arms and revealed my scars.

"I know it's hard now. But it does get better. I promise. I was in the same situation. You just have to find the right people and the right influences. Just throw away your blade. It'll be hard. But I haven't cut or done any self harm since the past 4 or 5 months. Do you have Instagram?" I asked

"Y..yeah" she said pulling out her phone and showing me.

I followed her. Then they all left and it was the final group. They freaked out. Their reaction wasn't much different than the first group.

It was finally time to go home. We got on the plane and took off to go back to England. So in the past months we agreed that I will be moving in with the boys in Australia. I had to go home and the boys were helping me pack. On the way home I looked on my phone and went onto Ashley's Instagram. She posted the picture of all of us at the meet and greet. There were a few comments.

"This stupid fake ass bitch hoe thinks we are gonna believe she met 5sos ha please."

"Wow we all know your too trashy and poor to buy meet and greet tickets."

A few tears slid down my face. I responded to the comments.

@xxxx @xxx_xxxX actually she did go to the meet and greet. She is a beautiful young girl. The only thing trashy here is your attitudes.

I sent it and messages Ashley.

G: hey

Ashton saw the tears on my face.

"Babe are you okay?" He asked taking my hand.

"What? Oh yeah I'm fine." I said wiping my tears away. He took my phone and saw I texted Ashley. He went onto the account and also read the terrible comments.

"Omg that's terrible. Why are people so mean?!" He said.

---------------4 years later----------------Ashton and I are still dating. We're both still young. It's not time for marriage or anything. A few years ago I hooked Niall and Ashley up. They are still boy friend and girlfriend Mikey is still single. He was Ashton's best man at our wedding and calum is also still single.Luke is dating this girl Daniel. We met her at the mall. She plays guitar. He knew they'd be great together. Ashton and I actually have a baby boy. His name is Michael Jr. (I wonder who came up with that name) Luke, Calum and Mikey are his godfathers.

If you cut or self harm, don't worry, it gets better. If u ever want to talk just drop a comment. 👌🏻

And this is suicide queen.

Don't worry there will probably be a sequel about Daniel (Danny for short) 💖💖 thanks for all the love. I'm starting to stories. They'll be up soon!!

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