Suicide Queen (ended)

"Gigi you cut on your legs, deep. You must've lost too much blood because you passed out. Your in the hospital" I said

"Oh" is all she said

"I carried you to the car and held you in the backseat the whole time. I was crying. I was so scared. Please don't ever cut again. It gets better I promise. That fan was stupid and fake" I said

"I'm sorry Ashton" she said

"It's okay princess. And I have to ask you something. Ever since the meet and greet I have liked you. In fact I love you. It's only been a few days but I'm in love with you Gigi. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


19. chapter 18

Today we are in Miami Florida. The guys and I decided to go to the beach.

I was swimming with Ashton and Caluk when all of a sudden the lifeguard started screaming for everyone to come back on land.

"SHARK SHARK EVERYBODY GET OUT OF THE WATER!" Everyone ran out and we swam as quick as we could. When everyone was on shore we turned around and there was a little boy screaming. He couldn't get out of the water.

"Are you gonna go get him?!" Ashton screamed at the lifeguard

"Not with a shark. He's a goner." He said lousily.

Ashton started running towards the water.

"Ashton come back!" All the guys started screaming. People took out their phones and took videos. Ashton dove in and swam underwater as fast as he could. He reached the little boy and carried him bridal style. He was struggling to swim but they made it. The shark was right behind them. Everyone screamed and cheered. Ashton sat down still with the little boy in his hands. He was exhausted. The little boy got up. He was crying. He was a bit shaken up as well. He was about 7 or 8. Skinny, brown hair with bangs that covered his eyebrows and he had brown eyes.

"Alex what did I tell you?! You need to stay with us!! You almost died!" An angry mother yelled.

"I'm sorry mommy." He said

"Thank you so much for saving Alex. I'm calling the manager on this lifeguard. Your really brave for doing that. What's your name?" She asked Ashton

"I'm Ashton" he said

"That's funny my daughter loves this band and the drummers name is Ashton." She said, "Hailee come here!"

A girl that was about 14 walked up and covered her mouth. Tears filled her eyes and she fell to the ground.

"Mom it's 5 seconds of summer!" She said

"Oh that's great dear why don't we get a picture?!" The mom said

They all got a picture and Hailee hugged them all.

"Omg it's Gigi! I love you so much I Stan you!" She said

"Aw that's so sweet!" I said blushing

"Can I get a picture?" She asked

"Of course!" I said.

We got a picture and she hugged me.

"Ashton saved Alex because this lousy life guard couldn't get him because of a shark" the mom said rolling her eyes.

"Aw really? Thanks Ashton!" She said

Fans came running and we decided that's when we should leave.

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