Suicide Queen (ended)

"Gigi you cut on your legs, deep. You must've lost too much blood because you passed out. Your in the hospital" I said

"Oh" is all she said

"I carried you to the car and held you in the backseat the whole time. I was crying. I was so scared. Please don't ever cut again. It gets better I promise. That fan was stupid and fake" I said

"I'm sorry Ashton" she said

"It's okay princess. And I have to ask you something. Ever since the meet and greet I have liked you. In fact I love you. It's only been a few days but I'm in love with you Gigi. Will you be my girlfriend?" I asked


18. chapter 17

While the guys went into the 3D theater Ashton and I stayed back in the bubble area. Those things give my bad migraines so I stayed back and so did Ashton. We kept trying to make s big bubble the other could fit inside of. There were fans who ran up to us and asked photos with just Ashton or the both of us. I didn't mind I understood. One fan asked for a hug and when I hugged her she whispered "if you hurt him I will kill you" my mouth dropped open and I gasped.

"Gigi are you okay?" The fan asked pretending to care.

"Yeah are you?" Ashton said

I just looked at the floor and walked away from the bubble area and I turned back to look at Ashton but the fan was making out with him against the wall. He was trying to get away but he's really week and the fan was strong. I ran in there and pushed her away.

"Geez Gigi you dumb hoe why do you have to be such a party pooper. We were having a great time. God your a fucking idiot. Ashton doesn't need you. Your just a time waster and your mad ugly" The fan said. A tear streamed down my face.

"I do need Gigi in my life. She makes me happy. Without her I'd be depressed again. I don't see why all of you attack her. She followed a variety of you back on Twitter, she responds to your DMs, she loves the fans. She's already insecure. She's beautiful. Non like you. Your fake and a Terrible person in general. I love Gigi and the fandom can get over" Ashton said grabbing my hand and pulling me away

By then paparazzi came and the boys were out of the theater.

"What the hell just happened?" Mikey said. The bitchy fan was coming back for the other boys.

Ashton called the body guards and had them hold everyone back. I still had tears streaming down my face. Ashton wiped them away and kissed my cheek.

"Don't listen to her princess. Please. If you cry I'll start to cry." He said

I wiped them away and pulled on a fake smile. I thought about what the fan said. Maybe Ashton really doesn't need me.

We decided to leave the mall then. When we got back to the buses me and Ashton just sat on the couch and we all had pizza.

"Ashton?" I asked

"Yes beautiful?" He said stroking my hair

"Do you really need me? Am I a time waster?" I asked sadly

"If I didn't have you I'd have nothing. You are my everything. Your not a time waster. You make my time worth it. I love you baby girl." He said kissing my forehead

"I love you too" I said pecking his lips. I rested my head on his chest and fell asleep. I woke up in the bunk with Ashton. I checked my phone. It was 12:03. Ashton must have carried me into the bed. He had his arms around me. He looked like a princess sleeping.

I kissed his cheek and his eyes open.

"What are you doing up?" He said with a weak smile

"I just woke up." I said

"Go back to sleep baby you need some sleep" he said kissing me and laying back down. I Lied back down too and fell asleep.

I woke up and Ashton was sitting there looking at me angrily. He was pissed.

"How could you fucking do this to me Gigi! I loved you! You were my everything! I guess this month has been nothing. You clearly didn't love me" he said

"Ashton what are you talking about?" I said

"You know. I can't believe you did this. After everything we've been through. We are fucking done. I hate you. I never want to see you ever again. Pack your shit and get the fuck out." He said pulling me out of the bunk.

"Ashton... W... What a...are you t...talking about?" I said crying

Then I woke up. I guess I was crying in my sleep. Ashton was lightly shaking me to wake up.

"Baby what's wrong?!" He asked holding me close

"Nothing I... I just had a nightmare" I said wiping away the tears.

"You were talking in your sleep. You were saying Ashton what's wrong? You were crying. What were you dreaming about?" He asked hugging me and rubbing circles into my back

"It was what the fan said. You don't need me. You were breaking up with me. I did something. But I don't know what. You were pissed. You said you hated me and never wanted to talk to me again and for me to get my stuff and leave." I said through tears and short breaths.

"Oh my princess. I could never hate you. I could never deal with you leaving me ever. I love you so much. I'm sorry you had that dream." He said kissing me.

"I love you too baby" I said holding his hand. I hope I never lose him.

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