CinderElla // irwin.

Her name was Cinderella, because her mom knew she would be the kindest and prettiest in the kingdom, but sometimes princess's shatter.

Ashton Irwin Fanfiction.


2. Chapter Two.

Ella's endless tears had disappeared and she kind of felt free without Brandon anymore, in fact, she made a promise to herself not bring him up the rest of the week, now like she good rule the world and nothing could get in her way.

When Marinda called her, she felt even better, so now it was just a matter of a sleepover and best friends to cheer her up.

Ella pulled into her gravel driveway, her house wasn't really that fancy, just a normal one story home with a one car garage, it was just her and her dad after all.

When she entered her small house to hear Katy Perry coming through her livingroom's Bluetooth speaker, and then saw Marinda dancing like a mad man, she had her hair in a side ponytail and a bag of sour cream and onion chips in her small hands, Marinda always was a wild dancer and never cared what anyone else thought.

Marinda had ginger hair a little bit chubby but her personality made up for everything bad (Not that her chubbiness was bad) about her,  last month when she got back from summer camp she announced to her closest friends (Otherwise the whole school) that she was Lesbian, Ella thought it was cool she always found out things in the oddest ways, this was just another thing about her that made Marinda.. well.. Marinda.

"Maddy, put down the potato chips, your doctor said you couldn't eat junk food your whole life" Ella rolled her eyes setting down her backpack beside the door.

"Screw my doctor, Come dance with me!" Marinda shouted over 'Roar' while swinging her hips back in forth while also managing to shove another hand full of chips in her mouth.

"Didn't you already do that." Ella giggled.

"Touche." Marinda winked and 'Butt Bumped' Ella with her well-rounded bottom.

"Dr.Satoga had such perky boobs, Now that I think about it I think I might Call her again, she has a really good mouth in bed." Marinda pursed her lips and looked at the ceiling trying to figure out if she wants to hook up with her doctor again or not.

"La la la! I'm not listening to your sex life." Ella laughed holding both her hands over her ears and trying not to listen to her best friend.

"Let's talk about Brandon, he's such a pig, I never liked him in the first place, you shouldn't have even got to together with him". Marinda said trying to ease Ella.

Ella just didn't want to talk about him, sure they were friends once. but that doesn't mean he didn't hurt her, in fact, it was a little more than a little bruise, it was like a big train suddenly ran down her little feeble heart and then blew it up with a grenade.

"uh-uh, I'm not bringing the 'B' word up". Ella shook her head trying to get the image of them going to the beach and holding hands out of her head. or all the times they'd have movie nights and sit together on his roof watching the sky. 

Ella shook her head physically. and tried to focus on all the things she loved, (besides him)

"Okay okay we don't have to bring Brandon Into anything" Marinda shrugged now doing her own little dance move as the song started to end.

Ella cringed when Marinda mentioned Brandon but still kept the tears from exiting her baby blue eyes.

"He was bad in bed anyway, he can barely put out." Marinda scoffed as she made her way over to the music player to change the song.

Ella froze as she processed her best friends words, how did she know he was bad in bed?

And then she remembered the words Brandon said to Ella, "It doesn't matter anyway, I already slept with all your friends."

"Can you repeat your sentence?" Ella asked bluntly sitting down on her sofa, as she stared ahead of her hoping her best friend could come up with an explanation, she prayed so hard in those two seconds before her friend answered her, maybe Brandon just lied? Yeah, it had to be that..

"That Brandon's bad in bed? You should have seen the way he-" Marinda paused in her tracks and spun around looking at Ella with wide eyes, it was too late, though, Ella saw the truth, that her friend had slept with her boyfriend.

"Ella.," Marinda said with the at most empathy in her tone, as Marinda gently took a seat next to her on the couch.

"You.. You slept with him?" Ella said no emotion in her tone as she stared down at her hands.

"It was a one-time thing! I swear! it was in middle of that big mess you got in with Brandon and how you almost broke up with him last summer, I thought you two were gonna break up so I assumed it would be okay because I never like you two together anyway, and it was last summer, it's just water under the bridge now!" Marinda rambled on and on, a nervous chuckle escaping her lips.

"Water under the bridge huh?" Ella choked on her tears.

"It was at summer camp, and it was one of my worst experiences ever." Marinda shivered in disgust trying to convince her best friend.

And suddenly.

It clicked.

"Ella I have something to tell you."  Marinda looked at Ella scared what she would think after she revealed the truth.

"What is it?" Ella smiled grabbing a few things on her desk before the both of them exited class.

"You promise you won't judge me?" Marinda's eyes glittered with tears of fear.

"You really think I would judge my best friend?" Ella giggled smiling happily at her friend.

"I'm lesbian," Marinda said all in one sentence as Ella paused looking at Marinda with curiosity.

Ella just grinned and tackled her Best Friend into a hug, as Marinda began to cry tears of joy, her parents didn't react so nicely to her coming out story.

"How did you know?" Ella asked wanting to know why suddenly her friend decided to come out and not maybe a month ago or earlier.

"Let's just say I had a very odd experience at summer camp." Marinda laughed, as the girls went into a fit of giggles and Ella never brought it up again.

"Brandon was your summer camp experience?" Ella looked at her friend in disbelief.

"Yes, but this is just another part of my life; if last summer didn't happen maybe I wouldn't have known I was a lesbian," Marinda said trying her hardest now to convince Ella that last summer didn't mean anything.

"But that doesn't give you a right to help Brandon cheat on me when you knew clear as hell that he wasn't single." Ella cried storming up from her seat on the sofa when Marinda attempted to lay a comforting hand on Ella's shoulder.

"Is this about your mom? and how your dad cheated before she-" Marinda looked sympathetically up at Ella.

"THIS ISN'T ABOUT MY MOM! would someone not bring that up.." Ella sighed looking at the front door to avoid her friends gaze.

"Ella I'm your friend here-" 

"You're not my friend if you think it was ever okay to sleep with my boyfriend, I was with him for two years," Ella whispered looking straight into her friend's eyes now.

"Of course were friends, we've been friends since third grade." Marinda laughed nervously.

"Not anymore, friends wouldn't sleep with other people's boyfriends, get out of my house," Ella said clear as day, and this time, there were no tears in her baby blue eyes.

"What? Ella, you're being insane-"

"I SAID GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Ella shouted with all her lung capacity.

And without another word, Marinda dropped the bag of potato chips and walked out of her Life.

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