CinderElla // irwin.

Her name was Cinderella, because her mom knew she would be the kindest and prettiest in the kingdom, but sometimes princess's shatter.

Ashton Irwin Fanfiction.


1. Chapter One.


"No, we can not put that on the stage, Brandon." Ella sighed and shook her head at her idiot boyfriend who only joined prom committee to be with Ella, but Ella really knew he just wanted to make out with her the whole time in the janitor's closet or something, but Ella knew better and continued to actually work hard on making prom a magical time for her freshman and sophomore classmates.

"Come on babe, I think it would make everything more exciting at prom". Brandon grinned from ear to ear, he thought it was a marvelous idea to have special effects flames on stage instead of a balloon arch.  

Ella cringed at the word 'babe', it made her think of the movie about the pig named 'babe.' "No Brandon, absolutely not" She shook her head and continued to make party gift bags for the tables.

"Whyyy not? Come on." He whined and leaned in towards her lips trying to convince a very stubborn Ella.

Ella's stomach tightened disgustingly, this happened every time Brandon was around her, and when he left her alone an instant relief swept over her, yet she stayed with him because of her friends kept on saying 'they were meant to be!', she in fact never looked at Brandon with any romantic feelings.

"Brandon, stop" She whispered pushing him gently off of her as he continued to whine in annoyance.

"You always do this, how come you never make the first move? Ella come on!" Brandon groaned a look of anger written clearly on his.

Ella was surprised, he never acted out at her, not once in their two-year relationship.

She put down the party bag that she just finished on the spot of the table where someone will sit in, two days from now.

"I don't know why I don't.." She mumbled looking up at Brandon guilt washing over the poor girl.

"All of your friends act like you're so cool. " He quoted with his hands as Ella's stomach sunk even more at the insult but he kept going, "You know what, I don't care that you're hot anymore! or that your name is a fucking Disney princess! The fact that you won't even have sex with me after two years makes you a really fucking prude!" He yelled.

"Is the reason you won't have sex with me is because you have an STD or something?! huh?! well I'm glad i didn't have sex with you because i already cheated with you on all of your friends." Brandon seethed with anger as Ella stood there, mouth open, eyes watering, and her heart broken.

"You're joking right?" She whispered.

"Sorry Cinderella, but you had it coming" He smirked arms crossed and proud, which made her feel like she was gonna burst with anger, but stood there crying like a little baby.

"I told you not to call me that" She closed her eyes as a hiccup released from her dry throat, the ball in her throat making it feel like it was impossible to breathe.

"Why? is it because you're little mommy died." He said in a baby voice, mocking poor Ella.

"YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO BRING HER INTO THIS!" She finally released her anger and screamed through the empty building at him.

This time, it was Brandon's turn to be surprised, she had always been a sweet girl and watching her just explode with anger was never ever common.

"Sorry, I didn't mean-" He tried to apologize but she cut him off.

"Brandon, you know what you meant." Ella hiccuped, She started packing up her things, aggressively swinging her backpack over her  right shoulder as Brandon stood still in the middle of the building guilt now coming over him for losing the sweetest and the prettiest girlfriend he had ever had.

Ella started to drive home anger making her want to push the gas to at least seventy, but her mind reminded her she shouldn't drive mad, so she pulled over and waited for her anger to resign.


You know that anger she tried to get rid of? well it went away but her heartache surely didn't.

Even though she had never really loved Brandon, she had always looked up to him as someone she could count on whenever she needed, or a friend she could go on dates with and just have the time of their lives.

"Stu-upid fucking.." she sniffled "Brandon." and began sobbing all over again for about the fifth time, every time she regained herself, Ella just went back to the hysterics.

She remembered all the good times they had together, like the one time they tried to raise a hamster together but it died about a month in, or all the family vacations his family hosted, Ella was always invited, she remembered the first time she met his parents and how awkward it was.

"H-Hi," Ella mumbled shaking Mrs.Markanas and Mr.Markansas hands.

"Aww she's so cute, you could just poke those dimples all day" Mrs.Markanas poked at her dimples as if they were some kind of magical button the produced unicorns or something.

A shy blush covered Ella's face, as Mr.Markanas starred Ella up and down uncomfortably.

"She should make a good wife for you son."  Mr.Markanas nodded in approval at his son as embarrassment washed over Ella like a warm day.

Ella hiccupped and sobbed more knowing she wouldn't be having any more of those awkward moments with Brandon, and she wouldn't be able to rant to his mom about her frustrating period, and she wouldn't get thought out answers for her stupid questions from Mr.Markanas.

Her phone rang snapping her out of her crying mess, she looked at her caller ID to see it was her friend Marinda, she was always there for her no matter what happened, she probably already heard the news that we broke up, somehow she always had this sixth sense that made her tell if something was wrong and she could get all the latest drama out of ANYONE.

with Shaky hands Ella answered the phone trying not to sound like she had tons of mucus running down her nostril along with the thick tears sliding down her cheeks as if they were waterfalls.

"Yes?" Ella asked voice cracking and even a child could tell Ella was having a mental breakdown.

"Oh my god El'! Where are you? I drove to your house as soon I felt like something was wrong! where are you?" Marinda panicked on the other line of the phone, Ella could barely answer her sweet friend, wondering if Marinda found a way into her house even though it was locked and had a security system, but knowing Marinda she always was badass and creepily would sneak into your house at four AM just for an avocado, and yes that actually happened.

"Somewhere on highway 49" Ella cried not even going to try to drive.

"Oh, sweetie.." Marinda sighed through the line as Ella heard her friend open what seemed to be her fridge from the other end.

"Are you eating out of my fridge?" Ella giggled through the tears, finding her friend hilarious that she would do something like this in the middle her mid-life crisis.

"A girls got to eat, okay?" She heard Marinda chewing something through the line.

"I'll talk to you when I get home." Ella hung up, starting her car and pulling back into the road, she felt more relaxed now thanks to her friend, who found it entertaining to eat during the worst timing possible.

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