Just Another Sad Story

"Depressions like a battle win or lose trying..." Meg is quite the happy girl most people think she is...in fact shes quite the opposite. Even though she knows that she has a lot of things pretty good, she can't help but letting the memories of her past and events of the present bring her down. This is about her fighting her battle in an unfair game called life.


1. The Never Ending Adventures of Cass and Meg

"Mommy can I go to Cass's house pleaseeeeeeee?" Meghan begged her mom early Tuesday night. "Whatever Meg just please come back by 5:00 for dinner, and just make sure Mrs.L has my number." Her Mom replied. Slam, the door closed behind Meghan as she ran next door to see her friend.  Even though she was only five years old this was was a daily thing. Wake up, go to school, come home, do homework, go hangout with Cass. That was her schedule if it was a week day she would be over there as much as possible, because of this they had a seamlessly endless amount of memories and story's that they loved to talk about, so they decided to made a book called "Never Ending Adventures Of Cass and Meg" this is where they put all of their favorite memories and stories of the times they had together. Like the time when they went into the woods to find the headless ghost that the boys had told them lived there, and when they raced down the steepest hill they could find on there scooters and crashed at the bottom so they called it a tie and went to get ice cream at the best place in town. The girls thought that the adventures would never end and everything seemed to be going perfectly to plan. That is, until the heartbreaking day when the accident happened. One day Cass and Meghan were together and Cass ran out into the street after her ball, well lets just say drunk driver plus small child in the street are not a good mix. After that devastating day Cass's whole family moved. Meg didn't know what actually happened at the time so she figured they all just moved and didn't think much of it, all she new was the "never ending adventures" of Meg and Cass were over. Even when they moved memories of Meghan's best friend and the hope that they would move back constantly flood mind, but over time she did as all kids do at her age, and made more friends and moved on.

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