Fins and Legs

Lola is a mermaid who lives in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. Her life is almost perfect, her parents are King and Queen of the Penobscot Bay area. She has her two best friends, Rockie and Aurora and her pet porpoise Lollie. Her life turns upside down when she meets a human and everything changes as she falls in love for the first time.


3. The Green Eyed Man

I gasp slightly at the sight of him waiting for me. A million thoughts were running through my head at that moment. Who is he? Why is he waiting for me? Is he dangerous? What do I say to him? "Hi there," the green eyed man says to me interrupting my thoughts. "Umm hi" I reply not knowing what else to say. "My name is Finn, I saw you stealing glances at me in the restaurant and I had to know who you were." He smirks with a glint of humor in his eyes. I, of course, blush crimson red at the fact he saw me staring. "My name is umm Lola, uhh nice to meet you." I stutter.

       WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME???? I think to myself. I sound like an idiot I never act like this... He grins from ear to ear at my awkwardness and I blush even more "May I buy you a drink?" He asks with that stupid but heart melting grin still on his face. "Sure I guess" I reply hesitantly. What am I thinking?? I don't drink!! I may be of legal age in the human world but I don't like how it messes with people's heads. We walk to the local brewery right down the street and we sit side by side at the bar. "Beer for me please." He tells the bartender. "Water for me" I say a bit softly a little embarrassed. Finn gives me a confused look but then shrugs. "So, tell me about you." He says to me. In this moment I want to run for the hills. Why did he have to say that??? Can't I be mystery girl?? Ok Lola think fast. 

      "There isn't much to know I'm a local girl and I grew up in this area, I'm 21 and I come from a privileged family (Understatement of the century) I'm an only child and I love the ocean," I say then pray he doesn't pry more. But my prayers are in vane as he asks "Oh where in Rockland do you live?" He asks to my dismay. "Oh I don't live in Rockland, I live in Owls Head right on the beach." I say, proud of myself for such a quick response. He thinks for a minute then smiles at me "How bout I take you home?" He says as he looks at my empty glass of water. "Oh ummm I need a few things in town first,thanks though" I reply a bit nervous. I can't accept a ride from this man what am I doing here with him???   He looks a little sad as he takes his last sip of beer. Nothing more is said between us as he pays the bill and we walk towards the door. "Why do I feel like this is a goodbye." He says an obvious tone of sadness in his voice. "It may be who knows," I reply almost sad as well. I want to know more about him but I need to get back home so I can clear my head. To my surprise he pulls me in for a quick hug, leaving me a little flushed. "Goodbye Lola" He says to me a sparkle in his eye. "Goodbye Finn." I sigh already trying to fight back tears. I give his hand a squeeze then walk to my bike then peddle off. As soon as I was out of sight the tears started streaming down my face. Why am I crying?? I just met this man and hardly had a conversation with him. I need to get home this is too crazy. I get to Walmart and walk in. Ok what did I need again?? Oh right lights for my room, thank god for mermaid magic, otherwise the ocean city would be dark. As I go into the lighting department I feel a tap on the shoulder and as I turn I look up into a pair of gorgeous green eyes. 

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