Fins and Legs

Lola is a mermaid who lives in the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Maine. Her life is almost perfect, her parents are King and Queen of the Penobscot Bay area. She has her two best friends, Rockie and Aurora and her pet porpoise Lollie. Her life turns upside down when she meets a human and everything changes as she falls in love for the first time.


1. Opening

I swim along the shore of a sandy beach on the coast of Maine, my green tail shimmering in the water as I swim. I take my swim suit bottoms out of the pocket of my wet suit top when I am near the shore. As I surface, I turn human and quickly slide them on before I am seen. Making sure no one is around, I raise my bag that is floating beside me in an air bubble above the surface as well. Once my feet touch the warm soft sand, I grab my bag, popping the bubble and dry off using the towel I keep in my bag. Chaffing is one of the many pains of being human I think to myself. When I am dry I fish my shoes (no pun intended) out of my bag and slide them on. One of the many perks of being a mermaid is to fit in on land, we have to be magical. I close my eyes and think of a nice beach bicycle and when I open them, one is sitting kick stand out, right in front of me. I smile, a little smug with myself, and hop on my bike and head toward the nearest town.   

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