It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


2. chapter two : He cries

My mom brought me to see My therapist Since My whole night and MORNING was awful for her and for myself . I didn't want to get out of my bed nor did I want to see any of My friends. Jesse completely shattered me , Broke all of what I had , My happiness , My confidence just basically Everything I've worked hard for to stay strong . I really didn't care that he took that picture with that girl to be honest its's just that...It hurts knowing I'm carrying his baby and All he wants to do behind my back is screw around ! . Wait a minute . I do care . Fuuck ! . 

Mom sat down near the table where all the magazines were at , She picked one up , stared at it for a while and then find another one . I on the other hand kept my eyes on the ground still thinking about Last night . The way They smiled at each other made it seem that he actually loved her more than he could ever love me while we were together . All morning he's been blasting my phone with messages and Phone calls , I seriously Just wanted to flip him off but how ? How can I do that ? I still love him I need him in my life There's no way I can kick him out of it . ''Lacey ? Lacey Delemonte ? '' . The lady at the door called out , She had  on a blue shirt and Pink pants with Blue sketchers on . Her hair was black but in a messy bun which made her green eyes show more making it  match her skin tone . ''Yeah um..I'm right here Mam . '' She took a look at me and smiled sweetly . ''come on in , Miss Vetrum wants to see you '' . I sat up while looking back at my mom , She still had her eyes on her magazine . I ignored her and walked with the woman who called me . 

Miss Vetrum was sitting in front of her computer typing something up . When The lady tapped on her door she turned around smiling and Welcomed me in . I sat down on the chair and waited for us to start the meeting . 

''How are you Lacey ? Anything new ? '' She held her pen and aimed it at her textbook waiting for me to respond with a smile . I looked down and Sighed ''Well I'm um..Pregnant with um..My boyfriend's baby..'' She smiled and leaned to me ''That's great news Lacey ! Congratulations ! '' . I faced the floor again with a small smirk , Hearing those words were suppose to make me happy but They didn't..My boyfriend is cheating on me with some blonde chick. ''Thank you ..'' . She put down her stuff on the table and Tapped my knee ''Is the dad Jesse ? Is he happy as you are ?! '' I simply nodded with a small smile ''Yeah..He's so happy '' I lied looking back up at her holding back my tears . She noticed and frowned at me ''What's wrong honey ? Are you happy about this ? '' I smiled softly again and sat up from my chair ''Miss Vetrum I think I have to go , can we do this next week ? Monday Maybe ? '' . She took a while to respond smiling ''Alright Lace , Monday it is '' When I opened the door I couldn't believe My eyes .. Jesse was in front of me . He Had an upset look on his face , Not an angry one but a worried one . ''Why haven't you been answering me ? '' He asked As I walked passed him in frustration ''No reason '' He followed beside me ''You know I was gonna come back until school starts , And I've been calling and calling and No answer Lacey ! Why ? '' We paced down the steps but he was still beside me 'Lacey ! '' ''I don't know Jesse ! Alright ! Go back to Indiana ! I have things to do '' . The look on his face was horrified , He had a feeling that Something was wrong . I know I should tell him that I know he's cheating but not until He signs the baby's certificate . ''What's up with you ? '' I shrugged starting to walk again but he pulled my arm back ''Babe please talk to me '' I pulled it back ''Go home '' . He didn't follow me this time , Instead he scoffed and waited till I left with My mom to the car 

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