It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


1. Chapter one ; Caught like a fly

I just got home from Work and My daily Life at home was just about to begin . Call Jesse , Have our late night talk and head to bed . When I entered My room , The air was a bit warm and the bed was a bit out of place , That was because I was late to school and I had to hurry. News brought up to me two days ago...And it shocked me but mostly terrified me . I'm pregnant with Jesse's baby . He came over a week ago for Christmas break But had to go back on Sunday since He was on house arrest . 

Mom was in the kitchen making some rice with beans . I could tell she was still mad at me just by the way she sighed every time we spoke to each other . Dad on the other hand he didn't even respond or make a sound when I said hello to him , He just Walked away from me ; So basically I was alone on this . My brothers gave me disappointed looks and My sisters wanted to kill me but my mom wouldn't let them near me at all . Thanks mom . 

I went back to my room and grabbed my phone to call Jess and try to ease the news to him , My heart raced so much it made my whole body shake ! . I breathed in and out heavily and began to dial up his phone number , I had to tell him at one point but..what if he doesn't want to be a dad? What if He backs out on all of this ? I'm just so scared ! . ''Hello ? '' I jumped and smiled . It was him . I walked to my bed to take a seat and try to breathe slowly . ''Hey babe there's something I want to tell you '' His voice sounded as if he was tired , which was everyday sometimes but I was pretty much used to it . ''What is it ? '' I twirled My hair trying to stay stable and not break down into tears . ''I'm um...I'm pregnant..Jess .. '' didn't say a word for what seemed like forever , I was starting to get worried so I said something ''Jesse - '' ''I can't Lace '' I stuttered ''Can't what '' He sighed but it sounded as if he smiled as well ''Never mind Angel , I'm happy . We're gonna be a family '' My eyes widened and so did the smile on My face ''Really ?! '' He chuckled but the call ended ...His phone must have died ?...What happened ?..I looked down at my phone wanting to call back but I knew if I did then he would maybe feel smothered . 


It was 11:30 At night and I haven't heard anything from Jesse , Besides it's a Saturday and he has band practice so I understand completely because he gets out Late . Really Late . What's this ? . Jesse's Facebook appeared on My requested list . I clicked it wanting to add him but as I looked at his page he had a girl's name on his common friends . I didn't wanna click it knowing that something unlucky might appear but the urge pained my head and mind ! . I clicked on her name and Her background had the words I Love You on a tree vine and Sparkles everywhere around it . As I scrolled down I stopped and so did My heart ...My eyes began to create tears as My heart ached from the picture they were glancing at . Jesse had his arms around the girls waist and they both kissed smiling happily , Her hair was a dyed blonde and She was skinny as probably I can come pare to a praying Mantis and her skin was as white as the snow outside . He looked happier than he was with me just by the way he was smiling down at her ! , She had her arms around his neck and she smiled back letting me know she probably thinks she's the only one as well . I quickly exited out and Turned off My Computer now screaming into my pillow as loud as I can ! . For god's sake  I'm having his baby and this is what he does to me ?! I just can't believe it...On that night I couldn't help but cry myself to sleep for the first time..

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