It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


4. chapter four : Trying to win the new life

Daniel and Trey were talking about scholarships and their next football game on Monday at five . ''Yeah man , I totally get it but ya know , We need Damien out there more '' . I wasn't really paying attention to them , My eyes were only focused on the outdoors . Such as the trees and The greyish blue sky . I had my hands cuffed on my coffee , The ice melted on my palms but I didn't seem to mind ...It pretty much cooled My body . ''You Alright Lace ? '' Daniel landed his eyes in front of mine with a small smile , I lost focus and smiled back at him ''Yeah , Thanks '' . They both smiled and Went back to talking to each other . I decided I wanted another meal so I got up and went up to the lady behind the counter . ''Hi , Can I help you ? '' She asked nicely , I nodded and looked up at the menu above her ''May I please have a creamed donut and A oreo  milkshake ? '' She typed in my order and told me The amount she needed . ''I'll pay '' When I looked to My left  side I found a guy standing next to me with a precious smile . His eyes were grey , His hair was a light brown  but seemed dark , His glasses were a geeky kind but color was black and his skin tone was a perfectly tan and white mixed . I took a look at the red haired girl and Then back at the guy . ''No , It's alright thank you , I can pay for myself . '' . I didn't want to sound mean but then again , This is a total random guy offering to buy my food for me . For all I freaking know he can be a total serial killer or Maniac . Maybe a Juvie kid . ''No , Please let me buy it for ya '' . I couldn't say no again so I moved to the side and let him pay for me . Daniel and Trey didn't seem to notice since they were still going at it about their topics . 

''So what brings you to Rainforest cafe ? '' [It's a real place guys c; , The image is right there and that's where we're sitting at ] 

He smiled at me and drank his banana smoothie . I smiled down at The table and then back at him . ''Nothing really , Just hanging with friends '' I replied arching my back with a smile . He looked at the back of me and saw Daniel and Trey shouting and hitting their drinks together . ''Well then , They seem cool '' . We both laughed but then  It stood quiet for about a minute . ''So..What's your name ? '' I blurred out nervously , I guess we totally forgot about asking ourselves for that since we got caught up with other topics . ''Zac , You ? '' I replied ''Lacey '' When I said My name he almost spit out his drink but with a smile . ''Wow, I never met a girl with a beautiful name in my life before '' That made my heart lit up and Made me feel a bit confident . ''I don't think it's that pretty '' ''It's not pretty Lacey , It's beautiful '' . The whole night we laughed and joked around , I felt like I was finally starting  over and finally someone was listening . 

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