It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


8. chapter 8 : Gender of her baby

I held  Joshua's hand and waited for the nurse to come in ; I sat there too excited more like in desperation waiting for her to come in and tell me what I'm gonna be having . Suddenly  I seen the door knob move and see her  walk in with her notepad smiling and closing her door ''Hi Ms. Delemonte how are you today ? '' I nodded while biting my lip holding in my yell . ''I'm okay thank you '' She took a look at me and looked down at her notepad chuckling , My best friend Joshua laughed at me knowing I was desperately waiting for the news so he Let go of my hand and sat next to me . ''Ms . Delemonte you will be having..'' A slight pause was sounded so Joshua shouted ''Having ??!! '' She sighed giving up ''A boy '' I covered my mouth in joy , Joshua hugged me and kept telling me I'll be a perfect mom . ''So what are you gonna name him ? '' He smiled while putting his hand on my stomach , I looked over at him and then at my belly . ''Michael...Michael Johnny Delemonte '' Josh Shook me in chuckles ''Perfect sport '' . 

I met up with Zac again but at the park this time , I told him That I was pregnant but all he said was that he didn't care , At least he get's to double his love . '' Huh , A boy eh ? What's the name ? ''  ''Michael '' I replied ''Michael ? Hm..Why not Pierce ? '' I laughed while leaning down to tie my shoe ''Yeah , Pierce , Pierce...Damon House '' . Suddenly I let go of my Lace's and stared at the ground in shock . ''What..? '' I asked nervously looking  up at him . He kneeled down to me and smiled his most beautiful smile ever ''Yeah..Why not ? ''  ''Zac..'' I whispered still looking into his eyes but that's when The sun shined and the wind stopped . The car's were silent , The conversations of other people went silent as well . So it was just Him and me . Kissing . Fallen Angel and Beautiful God . ''I didn't know how else to ask you since ..Ya know you were going through a break up and well...I was scared . We both kept smiling but decided to sit criss cross on the grass . As I played with a sun flower I listened to his whole life story , and What he wanted to do once he passes college . ''A chef ? Wow Zac , That's a bright dream ''  I giggled while peeling off the peddles ; ''So is your's dear , Being a singer and all I might barely see you ''  ''You sure will Sun shine , Why not join me ? '' Zac shook his head but with a chuckle . 

''Nah , It's okay babe , I might as well stay home with Pierce and watch you on TV or Youtube '' His lips touched mine again but this time it was slow and gentle . I only felt the tip and Minutes later I felt both of them , His hands slowly landed on my lap but in fear , So I helped him out a bit and intertwined my hands with his . ''Don't be scared '' I whispered touching his forehead with mine . ''How can I not be ? Your so beautiful '' ''Goofball '' I laughed as I tackled him and kissing him .  

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