It's your baby Jesse

Tears will fall
oceans will rise
The earth will stop turning
since you left '
every breath feels like it's burning
I know that life will go on
i will survive but for tonight i swear on my life...this is the end of the world...


7. chapter 7 : Zac and Lacey

I sat at the back of the cafe and Stared at my smoothie . I cannot believe that I actually told Jesse about his cheating . I kind of felt proud of myself but same time I wanted to rip my heart out of my chest ! Suddenly I let go of the smoothie and hide my face into my hands and broke into tears. I lost the one person I thought I loved , The only person I cried to about everything ! the one person I gave up everything for ! And all he was doing this whole time was cheating on me with someone else..I sat back up and sniffled , When I looked up at the register I saw Zac ordering some food . A smile grew on my face and wiped off the tears ''Z-Z-..z..Zac ! '' I finally called out , He turned out not looking at me quickly but then found me and waved . He turned back around to grab his order and came to me with Joy ''Hey there Stranger , How are you ? '' He asked while taking a seat and chuckling . I looked back down at my feet and sniffled again ''Well..Horrible ..My boyfriend and I just split '' Zac leaned back on his chair and whispered ''Oh My ..I'm so sorry Lacey , Are you gonna be alright ? What happened ? '' I shook my head with a sensitive smile while looking up at him still sniffling , He put his right hand on top of mine ''Look , ...I've been there , I know how all of this feels '' He looked to his sides and sighed while facing the table '' Trust me , This whole heartbreak will pass you before you know it '' A smile crossed my face , but a small one still . ''Really ? '' I asked ''Really '' . That same day we kept talking , He told me about his past relationship and how his ex girlfriend fucked his best friend while being with him ..I really felt bad for him , the way he said he couldn't understand love anymore , That everything he ever had true feelings for just completely turned to shit for him . Zac made me feel Special again , That I was actually being listened to . His smiles were so real , His laughs sounded so perfect but his eyes..Looked so..Hurt but mostly broken. ''Hey , Maybe tomorrow we can hang out again ? '' He asked now turning his body around to face me . I intertwined my hands with his '' Can I get your number then ? '' I giggled as he chuckled , He pulled out his phone and we traded numbers . I was starting to feel like he can be the first chapter to my new life . 

''Basics and Traffic and pure BULLSHIT '' Jesse argued at the judge , His eyes seemed dark and his tone seemed aggresive , Jesse wasn't having it , He wanted custody and it seems like he isn't gonna give up . ''Mr. Smith , We already have a deal , weekends are yours and weekdays are her's if not then we have no other choice but to set up a denial for you and your child ''  ''She is only fifteen ! I'm way older ! ''  The judge leaned in on his desk now aggravated with Jess . ''And you are lucky I am not sending you to prison Smith ! '' He had enough so he stormed out the courtroom and his lawyer and Girlfriend followed . I stood there in shock as My mom and best friend hugged me , I have full custody on My baby..I am so thankful even more..

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