Amidst the Darkness

Sometimes a flickering, dying spark can be the glowing ember to ignite a blaze...


2. August 1st 2007

14:30 The sun beat down on my back and I lay, sprawled across the golden sand, fingertips softly shifting the sand under my chin, my elbow against the shoulder of my sleeping friend. She stirred, moaning and grunting as she sat up, sand grains dropping from her back and blowing into my face in the cool breeze.

      "What time is it?" She asked. I grunted, then reached for my phone.
       "Half two, why?"
     "Which train are we going to get back?" She said, pulling a crumpled time table out of the rucksack at her feet.
     "There's on in half an hour, or one at twenty past five?"
     "Get twenty past five." I moaned, flopping back down. "Give us a chance to get chips on the way up to the station." She rolled her eyes.
     "You'd better phone your mum to get her to pick us up later then, I'm not walking through the town alone at that time."
      "Why not?" I asked, fed up of her babyish worrying.
      "They'll be men around." She seemed un-nerved by the idea of some drunkard stumbling out of the Malthouse at half six in the evening.
     "We'll be fine. It's a twenty minute walk across town. We'll be home by seven." She sighed. flopping back down beside me. I flipped my phone open, clicking the buttons, typing out my home phone number. I put my phone to my ear, and all I got in response was a loud shrill beeping sound.
     "No signal." I said, flicking my phone closed, towing it into the bag by my head. "I'm gonna go use the payphone up by the cafe." I swiped the change out of my bag as I scrambled to my feet.


      The sand was warm beneath my toes and clung to the creases in my feet. The path along side the cafe was cooler. The payphone was scalding hot. The black plastic of the receiver emanating the heat of the roaring sun. I looked back across the beach to make sure I could still see Jane's blonde head on the beach. She sat up and started waving at me crazily. I sighed as I began jogging away from the payphone towards the sand.


      "Maddie!" She called across the sand. "Maddie!?"
      "What!?" I panted, breathe heavy, chest on fire.
     "Don't bother calling you mum..." She looked down at her lap.
     "Jane?" I squinted my eyes at her. This was out of character for my unusually conscious best friend.
     "We'll walk through town when we get back." She started smiling like an idiot. I felt kinda pissed that I'd got all the way up to the phone, it was hot, and I looked like a right idiot. "I just got a bar of signal for a split second and... and Alex has text me." She was blushing like a tomato. "He wants to meet us off the train, and he's- he's-"
      "He's put a kiss on the text?" I smiled back at her and lay beside her, sliding my hand into hers, and laughing along with her as she rambled on about Alex. Deeply in love with him, that's what she thought she was.


      [Of course, she's married to a different man now, but a the time she only had eye's for him. I'd talk to Alex behind her back, bigging her up, he liked her back, just as much as she liked him. I wanted her to be happy, so I wanted her to have Alex. Times change though. The fella she's with now is nothing like Alex. He's loving though, dotes on her... not that she's all too endeared with him. But she loves him, and the kids. She loves them so so much. But back then, she wanted Alex, and I wanted to get with a Gerard Way and walk down the aisle to Mama.]

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