Four funny stories

Run-Run, Prin, Bei-Bei and I Designed our own inventions, and a crazy ceiling sucked us and our drawings into a crazy world. But then, we notice that our drawings were a little weird...


2. Show Time!

Suddenly, Tawan sprinted towards us all and shouted, “I’ve got it I’ve got it finally!” When me and Bei-Bei were doing a test. “Out Tawan! Now!” howled Mr. Kertesz.

“But it’s urgent!” begged Tawan. “I’ve been doing this for ages!” Mr. Kertesz thought for a moment. “Only if Name and Bei-Bei finish their test.” he answered. After a difficult test we were lead to a huge machine with a spring as large as itself. A small handle bar (compared to the spring)was hammered at the end. “Now Bei-Bei, press the handle bar then let go. I will sit on it or perhaps someone might want to go on it instead.”

“Only if you have a test flight and say it’s safe.”Bei-Bei protested.

“So push the handle!!!” Tawan once again barked. Bei-Bei did what she was told, but only smiling. She pressed the bar hard. Then, let go and the spring went 

 thud. Tawan, who was flying in the air, closed his eyes because he knew he was going to crash. We ran to see what happened. We all needed to catch a breath before running after him again.  “Now I understand that it’s easier to fly than walk!” I panted.


 Walking a few more metres, we found Tawan in a pool. He finally climbed out, all drenched from head to toe. A piece of paper slid out of Tawan’s pocket. “All wet.” Prin sighed. “It’s okay. We can dry it at school.” Run-Run comforted her. It was getting dark. The grass was getting wet. I looked up. “It’s raining!!!” I cried. We spotted Tawan’s machine and Tawan himself suggested, “We can all ride my machine!”

“If we would head the right direction.”Bei-Bei moaned. “But Ok!” It was wetter than ever when it rained. We loaded a huge rock at the end. We all turned the machine around, in the right direction and sat on it. Finally, we pushed the rock off and…wee!!! We were back at school, Tawan two times wetter than everyone. “I think we should stay at school tonight, sleeping in the class room. Our moms won’t mind. But don’t forget to dry the paper! The next day came around quickly.

We thought it was now safe to read the paper.

The show for young boys and girls

Register at the Music roooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooom







“So you are invited!” I exclaimed. Tawan in a show? Unbelievable! Ink and the other boys in class came running over to the Music room, flattening the girls to the ground. “What do they think they’re doing?” Bella and Pretty asked.

“Probably practicing.” Prin replied. Poom was left behind jogging to keep up. “Tell your friends to slooow down.” Run-Run frowned.


Back at our secret room, we listed things that the boys can do for the show. “Number 131, comedy. Cheva and Dragon are good at that. Oh! Also Rajin!” Rin mumbled. Tawan wasn’t even close to good at 130 of them. But when it comes to comedy, Bei-Bei told him to stick out his tongue and snort like a pig. Tawan snorted like a pig and stuck his tongue out, which made everyone laugh and he shouted, “Hey you! What 

are you laughing at?” and laughed too. We told Mr. Kertesz, who was painting his banana into a person, about the show and could we set Tawan’s themes and props? At break time, we were talking Mr. Kertesz’s banana business always getting in our way. I volunteer to go get the magic tools that we invented down stairs since the last adventure. Just as I arrived, all the girls were gathering around something. “These are the family of fame! They’re super famous for the show for young boys won by their own son…on comedy!” Puifai explained. “Wow. Imagine Tawan as a famous boy, even more famous than the family of fame!” I laughed. But we all wanted it to be true. We all had a meeting to vote which boy in year four gets to perform and it turned out to be Dragon, who was standing on his chair and shouting, “ Let Tawan please?”

“Let’s see then.” The others replied shortly. Tawan was not only looking, but sounding like a star.

It was time for the competition. To keep him calm, Ink spread the themes on the floor. And Bei-Bei and I finished it with chickens, while Run-Run and Prin decorate it with butterflies and flowers. Dragon and Cheva went to sleep again and are back to sleep walking, but this time past the man introducing the show! Everyone clapped and cried, “Zombie people! Yes!”

“Oh…y…y…yes! The z…z…zombie people. A p… part of the show!” The man stammered. I nudged Cheva and Dragon to say thank you but they just wouldn’t wake up! But they said dreamily, “Your welcooome.” Then, a noise was shouting, “That was a very nice song you sang Miss…Next, our one and only Tawan!!!” We rushed on stage to post the scene on the wall. Cheva and Dragon also rushed on stage to put the platform Tawan to stand on as the crowd shouted, “Zombies! Zombies!”

“What happened to them Dragon?” asked Cheva.

“Don’t ask me!” Dragon sighed. Tawan picked up his microphone up and began talking. Mr.  Kertesz was so thrilled, he dropped his painted banana just in time 

when Tawan stepped on it. “Prin?” Run-Run asked in a shaky voice.” Should we tell him?”

“Don’t be so silly.” Prin warned her. Tawan slipped and everybody roared with laughter. Some were saying, “Best joke put in the show yet.” Everyone except for Mr. Kertesz who was sobbing, “My best friend Banied!” Tawan finally announced, “Thank you.” Then he fainted.


“Thought so we needed to take him to hospital.” Bei-Bei grunted. “But it was a good day.” Tawan was at hospital when film makers burst into the room. He must have won the program. Even though you’re not good at jokes,(Like I am) you can still be funny.

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