Four funny stories

Run-Run, Prin, Bei-Bei and I Designed our own inventions, and a crazy ceiling sucked us and our drawings into a crazy world. But then, we notice that our drawings were a little weird...


3. Natural!

It was the late afternoon and we were getting bored. Tawan said he was too sick to go and play because of his latest show. “He would have broken his leg or something.” I complained. Bei-Bei almost fell asleep! “Wake up!” Prin yelled. We were looking forward to an adventure. I was busy writing non-stop plans for the adventures we could have. “Don’t tell me it’s peanut and jelly town we’re after.” groaned Bei-Bei. “I want another adventure.”

“No! I have better ideas!” I replied tiredly. “But I need all of you.” I explained the plans to everybody. Mr. Kertesz was again, about to paint the school van yellow like a banana. Everybody knocked the paint and the paintbrush over and got on the van. Guess what? Run-Run was driving! “Are you sure 

this is safe? You haven’t got a license .” said Prin. She was squished in the people. “I think we should let the girls go.” suggested Poom. “We can play football.” We all relaxed, sitting on the seats, slurping a drink. “What’s that beautiful waterfall?” asked Run-Run amazed.

“Not just any waterfall.” Replied Prin panicking a little. “WE ARE GOING TO FALL DOWN A CLIFF!!!” Ahhhh!  We slid down the high mountain and went flying in the air. How terrifying. Puifai had expected to die but she was fine. “It was like a roller coaster.” sighed Rin. “Glad the boys weren’t here. They would scream and shout.”

“Lucky we’ve got tents.” I smiled. “Or else we would have been sleeping on the sand.”

“Um…guys? We’re in a valley.” Prin reported. Meanwhile, Run-Run was trying to climb up the steep walls of the valley. “Give up. It’s too deep.” Pretty suggested. She leaned on the rock. We and the van were swirled in another place. When I found out where I was, I was lost! “The others must be too.” I thought. But finding them would not be easy if you’re in a forest. The place was filled with animals, animals and more animals! That’s why I called this book Natural! First, I met Run-Run. She was admiring the animals, not noticing me. “RUN-RUN!” I cried. 

The toucans flew away. I expected Run-Run was going to be mad but she smiled, “Finally! I saw some one!”


“We have to find the others!” I cried. I noticed, that through the thickets, were moving objects under a slightly small bush. It wasn’t my fault, but Run-Run hid behind me. I marched toward the rattling bush slowly, and I beckoned Run-Run a little closer so she can see. As frightened as a mouse chased by a cat, someone familiar crashed in to me. “ Stop!” I shouted. But before I could realize, Run-Run exclaimed, “Year 4 boys!” I was puzzled. How could year 4 boys come here in these woods? “Thanks for coming,” I said unsurely, “But I don’t think that you can help much…unless you can find the other girls.” To my surprise, Cheva waved a kind of screen crazily. “This, is a tracker.” He said sternly. “It can track every 

person in the world by their brains.” That reminded me of something. The Dream Inventions! In case you didn’t know, they are four little magic tools that evolves super powers. I rummaged in my big bag and found them. “Can you locate where the rest of the girls are?” I asked. Cheva scanned the screen quickly. “Weird…” he said.

“What weird?” I asked.

“There all stuck together.” I stared at the screen. I convinced Cheva that I am going to fly to them and I need my bag. “I won’t carry you Run-Run!” I moaned when Run-Run asked me for the 1,000th time. I finally kicked off and soared through the sky. “I’m itching like crazy!” I shouted. I dived down to the exact place Cheva had located me. I saw my friends, stuck in the sticky mud. Time to use our tools. “Guys!” I cried happily. “Prin, Bei-Bei, time to use our  Inventions.” Bei-Bei and Bella held on to me, and Pretty, Rin and Puifai held on to Prin. We pulled and pounced each other out of the mud. We were all thrilled to see each other again. I noticed a newspaper article.

                                                                       New species discovered

An unnamed tourist sighted a                                                                      Can turn a human or animal into 

spectacular new creature called                                                                  Stone. It lives in this forrest.

Dogotirious. It may look cute, but                                                                By Tekjla  gfdg

one stare in the eye

The last bit was hard to make out.“Cool!”Rin cried. “Just like in Harry Potter!” I slapped my face. "Put the books down. We have to stick together.” Bei-Bei alarmed. Just then, I turned around… and Run-Run had turned into stone. “Maybe this is really like Harry Potter!” I screamed and flew away. Prin 

called out to everybody, “Gotta jump!” Dragon smartly collected Run-Run’s animal viewer, and gave it to Rin.


“Rin!” I shouted from up high. “Stop trying to search for the Snake, and search for the Dogotirious!” Cheva scanned for the Dogotirious on the scanner, but he too, turned into stone. Even tracking turns people who track it into stone. I saw a little figure  with eight legs standing in the distance. “Dogotirious!” I gasped. I must do something. I can’t turn away (By far, this is the most adventurous story ever written in my history). I once again dived down to save the day. I went to find Bei-Bei and the group. Rin told me something I really needed to know for the plan. I can’t tell you what it is. You have to read it you self! Bei-Bei was dressed as  

chicken. She and I were going to save our friends.


We walked closer to the figure. You might want to know what the plan is now. Dogotiriouses hate happiness. And wer’e  going to do a braggy dance! You might wonder: How is a braggy dance going to do good? Well, it makes us happy! “Hi Doggy!” We chanted happily. We quickly did the braggy dance. The foolish dog turned around there was a huge explosion. If I didn’t kow better, I’d turned into stone as well!!! Bout a minute later, I jumped up and yelled, “Thatwastheawsomest,coolestandhappiestexperienceever! But what really happened?”

“Well,”Prin begun. “You and Bei-Bei vaguely destroyed the Dog_ti_plop whatever that is!” Oh, didn’t I tell you? If the dogotirious dies, 

everyone who is cursed will be back to normal.  Suddenly, the magic swirled us back to the school. “Sorry Mr. Kertesz. We couldn’t bring your “Banana” car back." We sighed.Mr. Kertesz complained about it all day at school.

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