Four funny stories

Run-Run, Prin, Bei-Bei and I Designed our own inventions, and a crazy ceiling sucked us and our drawings into a crazy world. But then, we notice that our drawings were a little weird...


4. Dance for your life!

I burst in the mystery room with apples, chicken, ice-cream,pizza,doughnuts and a radio. In fact, my arms were so so full, I nearly broke my back. Tawan came back in such a bad mood. He must have slept too long in the cozy hospital, while we went on the adventure of our lives. After we went back from it, we talked about it all day. Especially Bei-Bei. “ Yay! We saved the day!” she and I would shout. I swear I would not try to fight a dogotirious again. I am honest. I snatched a piece of of scrap paper and noted:


This adventure  isn’t magic

Has to do with shows

Not too complicated

There’s a big stage that glows

Then helped the others set the party. I was right about something that Tawan did. He really broke his leg and had to wear a big plump cast. He stumbled in it for the rest of the set up. We hung the large silicone disco ball that Prin made on the ceiling. I plugged the wire in, and clicked on the lights. Multi-Coloured lights flashed around the splendid room. I clicked the lights off. “We still have the streamers to go.” I checked. “ I’ll go for it. I got a rope and little buckle seat, like the one a zipline, I got Run-Run and made her sit on it. Everyone tied the rope and seat securely, and pulled the rope. As if a dream, my pulley worked. Run-Run flung the streamers across the room and Ink caught it. He stuck them on each side of the wall with Mr. Kertesz’s  old sticky tape. Puifai burst in the room. “There’s good news and bad news.” She started, “ The good news is, Mr. Kertesz is getting married. The bad news is, he is marrying a banana.” Everyone groaned in disbeleif. Prin and I giggled quietly. “It’s not that bad,” I grinned, trying my best not to laugh. “At least he didn’t break his leg,” Tawan said hopefully, crouching in a chair. We all danced and partied all afternoon. “Don’t step on my skirt!” Rin snapped. Bao-Bao rushed in and did another of his funny dances, in the spotlight. “And another try again!” he shouted, pushing Bei-Bei and I down. Plump! Oh! I almost forgot; it was Prin and Bao-Bao’s birthday! “Time for presents!” Bei-Bei shouted. Mr. Kertesz’s head popped out of the door and said busily, “Happy birthday!” Then he went back to reading. Prin noticed that Mr Kertesz had left behind two neatly wrapped presents(in yellow like bananas). Prin’s said:

Happy birthday Prin. You are very old now. Did you know a banana plants can live for 13 months?

Bao-Bao’s said:

HBD grandpa. How old are you? Older than a banana plant of course!

I groaned and slumped back into my chair. Prin unwrapped her present. “A banana picture with dancing bananas in it.”Prin moaned. Bao-Bao opened his. “Cars.” Bei-Bei whispered, Everyone was astonished. “Banana ones.” I noted.The others went home while Bei-Bei , Run-Run Prin, BAO-BAO(he shouldn’t really be in the PRBN group) and I slept in the  secret room. 

I woke up in the middle of the night, willing to go to the toilet. When I came back the window started whirling, like the ceiling in my dream invention story. I gathered the inventions, in case I needed them now. But before I knew it, the window had sucked my precious piece of paper away. “Nooooo!” I cried. I jumped in after it, the invention bags clutched tightly in my hand. Prin and the rest heard me shout and jumped after me. “Ahhh!!!” Bei-Bei screamed. Prin din’t seem to mind at all. “Weee!”she exclaimed. “Do you mean your’e really going to wee?” I asked. “Ew!”  

“Right now, I think we need to stop twisting and twirling.” But the twisting and twirling didn’t stop. Instead, it spun and spun and spun... Maybe two spuns should_


__be enough. Finally, we came to a stop. “Can’t I have some shut eye?!” I shouted angrily. As if by command, all the lights went off. “I didn’t even know I was in charge here,” I whispered.

Welcome to the dancing school.” a French accent voice boomed. “You will train hard. H.A.R.D!” I just wanted some rest. But dancing sessions are the OPOSITE OF REST!!!

“If Bellar was here, this will be her 

adventure.” Prin said knowingly. A girl with brown wavy hair was pushed forward and bumped into us. “Sorry!” she squealed. “Why don’t you  stay with us?” Run-Run suggested. “Hi!”she exclaimed. “I’m Lalalalalalalalalalala!” We looked confused. “Or Lala for short.”she whispered. She pointed her toes and spun around gracefully.

Next stop, Sky flying. Prin and Lala went first. They spun and landed too soft and quiet.Run-Run   and I went next.   

landed as soft as Prin and Lala did. Bei-Bei and Bao-Bao were  last. But instead of spinning, Bei-Bei and Bao-Bao went up and down upanddown,upanddown,upand_Wham!Went the rope.Oof! Went Bao-Bao. Bao-Bao had hit the hard ground, while Bei-Bei was up near the ceiling. The teacher had to go up and save her.


“Hello.” Said the teacher poshly. “I am Ms. 1234.” Prin and I looked at each other. “Is it me, or the people here have strange names.” I whispered nervously. Prin laughed out loud. I tried to shh her. Ms. Onetwothreefour ignored Prin and went on. “You will be in a group of six and share the room.”

“Perfect!” I thought. We had excactly six people. “We’ll be in a group.” Bei-Bei anounced. “Please don’t cut me off.” Ms.   1234 snapped. “Anyway, you will work together to create your own show.” “Oh perfect! There are six people already!” Bei-Bei slapped her face. “Off to your rooms.” She cried, and threw us a key. “The show is due tomorrow!” Lala burst into tears. “Wahh!” “How does she expect us to come up with a grand beautiful show?”she sobbed.  “It’s all right.” I whispered. “If only we had ice, a little fence and barn and two ropes.” Prin said desperately. Suddenly, my head popped up with and idea. “The invention bags! Of course!” I shouted with joy. I always keep hundreds of little jars of air from an amazing place. The air was from where we first had an adventure. “I have just the invention that’s just right for you.” I promised certainly. We helped each other draw, write and design the invention. “It will be a sky fly rope that can camoflauge or change colour!” Bei-Bei suggested. “Sure!” Lala cried, overexcited. “Let’s sew Prin a colourful rope!” We all got to work.

turned her head around. “I know Name and Run-Run can skate.” Prin grinned. “So I kind of took your skating shoes on this adventure.” I was fuming. “Where did you put it?” Run-Run roared as if she read my mind. “With the hotel guy.” Prin laughed and rang the service bell. A guy ran up and threw the bag at Prin. “ All we need is ice.”

“Time for another invention.” I announced.


We fetched the rope out of the box. Lala hugged it with care. “Wer’e going to make an ice gun.” I said sternly. “Those are for boys.” Bei-Bei said boringly. “I know.” I said, smiling. “We’re going to shoot a blast at the ground, and that should freeze it.” We once again drew and wrote what the ice gun is. Prin dropped the sheet of paper in and instructed, 

“Bei and Bao are the chicken dancers. We will set up the fence and barn. N and R will be_”

“Ice-skaters!” Run-Run and I finished off. “I and Lala will be sky flyers.” We made a plan. P and L will go first. The will do their graceful spin and marvelous routine. R and I were next. We would do our amazing routine as well. Bei and Bao will do a chicken dance routine and we willl all join in at the end.


The show went well. Wellwellwellwellwell. We got the grand prize and we had to take it in order to go home. I thought of taking every thing back home, but Lalalalalalalalalala was a good friend. So I gave five jars of magic air to her. I wrote each of our names on it. “Thanks.” Lala said happily. “I will never use the magic.” Bao-Bao was very naughty and touched the trophy. Before we knew it, we 

were back in the secret room. Rin came in. “Hi!” she shouted. “By the way, youre late for Mr. Kertesz’s banana wedding.”


We went in the wedding hall. Mr. Kertesz wasn’t marrying a banana, he was eating sack fulls of them! “Oh Mr. Kertesz!” we sighed.


I filled a box with the air. Run-Run dropped the drawing in. “It’s on it’s way.” Run-Run announced. Prin and Lala sewed the rainbow rope together. Bei-Bei and Bao-Bao worked on the fence and barn. They used cardboard that Ms. 1234 had provided. “By the way Prin, why do you need ice?” Bei-Bei asked. Prin                      

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