Four funny stories

Run-Run, Prin, Bei-Bei and I Designed our own inventions, and a crazy ceiling sucked us and our drawings into a crazy world. But then, we notice that our drawings were a little weird...


1. My Dream invention

“Where on earth is Mr. Kertesz?”

“Don’t tell me he’s snoring with his banana again.”

“Yeah!” Prin and Bei-Bei laughed together. We were looking all over for Mr. Kertesz and we didn’t even see a sign of him. Along came Cheva and Dragon pretending to be super heroes in their sleep.

“Not another one!” I groaned.

“Many people have problems with their sleep.”Bei- Bei frowned, trying not to laugh. Cheva, was a boy with dark skin and was quite tall. Dragon was opposite . He was short and had fair skin. Suddenly, Run-Run appeared out of nowhere and came sprinting down the hallway. “Girls! Come here quick!” she cried. We were dragged into some kind of a clean, but empty room. It was really empty except for piles of paper stacked up neatly. Run-Run picked up four pencils and finally announced, “We are going to design our own

inventions!” She heaved the piles of paper on to the floor.


We scribbled on pictures that we dreamed to use. “Are you sure our inventions will work properly?” Prin asked nervously. “Anything is possible!” Everyone else shouted. We showed our pictures. Prin’s was a picture of shoes that can make you jump very high. Run-Run drew a screen which will show you animals around the world. Bei-Bei wrote details and drew pictures…Oh that girl needs a lot of information! Anyway, drew a  disguise  costume that makes you look like anything. I drew a magic wand. “Why didn’t you use something better?” asked Prin. So I drew a pair of wings. Get ready for adventure! Light flickered above. “It’s a secret passage way!” Bei-Bei screamed with excitement. “I didn’t know that exists.” Run-Run was

 shocked. Actually, Run-Run was the best climber in the four. “Run-Run, let’s go get a ladder!” I exclaimed. But it was too late. The evil thing sucked all of us including the paper, through the ceiling. We landed hard with a thud. The pictures we drew were no longer paper. They were all real!



Bei-Bei was wearing her disguise as a chicken, Run-Run was looking at a Boa constrictor, I was wearing a shirt with wings attached on it. “I can’t wait to get this winged shirt off.” I complained. But Prin was wearing her jumping shoes and she was already off! We need to get her back!!! “Did you know, cheetahs can run 96.5 km per hour!” Run-Run sang calmly. “ NO TIME RUN-RUN!” Me and Bei-Bei shouted. “ I’ll get it.” Run-Run said, starting to grin, “Just follow my plan.” 

“I know that smile.” I frowned.

“Name’s gone mad.”  laughed Bei-Bei. But we still followed the plan. I wore the wing shirt(Even though it itches a lot)to carry Bei-Bei. “You sure are a heavy pig.” I smiled. Bei- Bei disguised as a street dog, sneezed to get Prin’s attention and to make her stop jumping. Prin 

peeked at Bei-Bei and whispered, “This looks familiar.” Bei-Bei jumped out of disguise then whispered, “Prin I think we need to find a way out of here.”

“Yeah. We really need to find Mr. Kertesz_”Prin commented quietly. “No not that.” I interrupted, “We need to go back home!”

“Oh.” Prin realized, “But remember Cheva and Dragon sleepwalking?”

“Yes!” I cried

“We just need to call the whole class!”Bei-Bei continued. “Then, CLASS TO THE RESCUE!” We both exclaimed. So we phoned everyone in the class.


The wind was blowing hard at the abandoned building I finally got to take my winged shirt out but Run- Run told me to put it back on. I flew all over the place complaining about wearing that stupid old shirt with just a pair of wings on it. But I cheered up a little when Run-Run found a fact about Owls. Bei-Bei planed a sneaky trick to turn into cake and the others will be thrilled but no one agreed. We waited and waited until our knees were sore. Zap! They had arrived! “Sorry. Had time finding the right room.” Rin grinned a 

little. “This place is cool!” Puifai hopped, “But how do we get out of here?”

“Easy.” said Prin worried, “There is no way out.” Puzzled , everyone looked  at each other (Even boys and girls).We all sat,19 of us wondering what to do .But Tawan was trying to entertain everyone and shouted, “Let’s hold hands and spin in a circle very quickly!”

 “Good idea!” roared everyone. We quickly span in a circle and smiles spread on every face. Not only that,we were back to where we started. But as we arrived, Mr. Kertesz was running around saying, “ Y.4 students missing!”

“That is chaos.” Bella’s eyes were wide open.

“Hello Mr. Kertesz.”We welcomed.

In break time, We asked him what happened and why did he disappear. “Oh. That was because I was ordering a banana at a shoe store.” He said. We all laughed. Everything was back to normal except for four little magic tools on our desks. 

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