The Alpha and the Bata

Scott McCall was not your average highschool student. He had become an alpha, true alpha. Along his journey as a werewolf, he meets a young girl, Arden. She was new to the area too but was warned about the supernatural attacks that had happened around the small town of Beacon Hills. But did she believe any of it? No. What happens when she finds out Scotts big secret?


2. 1


   Well today's the day. First day of high school in the middle of the first semester. This is going to be a great day... Not. I just need to make it through the day without running into any so called "supernatural creatures" as if there were any.

    I roll my eyes and get out of bed after contemplating to spend one more day finishing up my move or actually go to school. I decided to go as you see, or else I would have stayed for at least another hour in bed because why would you want to willingly wake up before 8 A.M. I do my usual routine, brush my teeth, go out for a short jog, take a shower, eat, then leave to school. I wore my loose grey t shirt with ripped skinny jeans with a coat over the top. I had my hair down and waved.

    I got to school finally and stayed in my car until this girl with strawberry blonde hair tapped at my window. I got out of the car and looked at her confused a bit. She just smiled at me, "Hello I'm Lydia. I'm guessing you're new here. I haven't seen you around." She looked at me in the eyes when she said that as if she were looking for something. I nodded agreeing with her and walked towards the front door. "I'm Arden. Arden Hayword." I introduced myself. She took me to the front office so I could receive my schedule and gave me a tour around the school. Through out this time, there was something weird about her. Like she seemed to keep hearing things and turning around as if someone called her name.

    At my first class, the teacher sat me next to a guy named Stiles. He looked pretty cute and was very nice and caring. He even invited me to sit with him at lunch with him and his friends! I wasn't planning on making new friends today but at least I've made two. Back where used to live, no one hung out with me. It was just me and the trash can. Yes, I was quite the loner. Never had a boyfriend, which means no first kiss. But in middle school, I had many... many friends. But I screwed up and got what I deserved. Everyone makes mistakes and pays the consequences. Mine just happened to be alone for 2 years. I don't plan on doing the same thing again. But anyway. I talked to Stiles whenever i got the chance to during class. He seems like a pretty cool guy. I hope he isn't like one of those weird kids here who believes there are such things as werewolves and demons.

      A few classes went by and I met some people but many of them I just would consider my classmates to be honest. I went to the table that Stiles told me to go to and saw that Lydia was there also. I wonder if they're dating, they would look cute together. I sat down next to Lydia as Stiles came and sat across from me. I smiled politely at them both, "Hey, thanks for letting me join you guys." I told them and Lydia nodded. "Of course! We are friends after all, right?" She replied to me and I nodded. As i was about to pull out my veggie wrap, a few other people joined us and looked at me. "He, I'm Scott." "I'm Liam" "Mason." "Hayden." "Malia." "Corey." I nodded at them. "I'm Arden. I'm new here." I spoke softly and looked over at them. I have to admit, they were pretty cute, especially Scott. But I bet he has a girlfriend as the whole time he seemed a bit out of it. He had sat next to me and he began talking to me.

   "How long have you been here, Arden?" he asked me before he started to eat his sandwich. "About four days. I could have stayed home to help my aunt and uncle unpack but they wanted me to go to school today so I could catch up now instead of later." I said and he asked why my parents didn't live with me. I began explaining how they said it would be better for me to move with my aunt and uncle because I needed a fresh start and they had to go for a business trip to Brazil but would come back by Christmas to move into a house and I would live with them again. But that was part of the reason they left me. I didn't mention they were going there for special rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

    After lunch, I continued on with my day. Of course, I got my new friends phone numbers and we were planning on going to the ice rink this weekend! But when i got home, the door was left a creak open and I walked in to see...



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