The diary of nobody(Bellatrix blood)

this my entry for the vampire diarys contest plz like. thx:)


2. friday, may,4th,1955,after school

today was awesome!!!! everyone decorated

me and james's locker,just for fun put our

presents at each others lockers,so we could

meet. after school me, bella, jaysey, rachel,

and after a long time james and his friends

to play truth or dare. bella started "rachel !

truth or dare?" "dare." she said confidently.

" i drare you to ding dong dich each houses

down the steet for 5 houses and on the 6th

ask for candy in a baby voice.'' and so she

did the people really gave her candy which

we ate over the next dare. "next!!!" i yelled.

"bellatrix" she called- i groned because it

would be enbaressing ether way so i said

''dare,''. "i dare you to kiss james" oh no

she dident! no! yes! and than the chanting

started "kiss, kiss, kiss" finally after we both

gave in afte a big blush. his lips were so soft

and smoth i never wanted to let go i stared

messing his aready messed up ha- ryan

started saying..."umm guys rachel said no

a make-"  we both pulled apart "what!!!!!"

we said freacking out. after more truths

and dares, we wached some movies and

fell asleep they slept on the couch in the

living room and i creeped out in my room.


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