Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


6. Chapter 6

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 6, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic

"​I just don't get it."

"Freddy, It's called love at first sight. Something that didn't happen to me and Bonnie. And of course you wouldn't get it. You have never experienced that kind of love before."

Freddy then looked down.

"Don't remind me..."


Freddy then turned to Foxy:

"So, you like her?"

"Aye, lad! Wha'cha think I be tryin' to tell ya?"

Freddy then spoke to Goldy via telepathy:

"I don't like this...why did you have to do this, brother? Let's just kick their asses while we have the chance..."

"Brother, don't be so stubborn. Fight will only cause destruction. Better work it out with them. Especially with your counterpart.


"Uhh, what's wrong with those two? They just...froze." asked Toy Bonnie, looking at the two brothers.

"Oh, It's what they do, doesn't matter." answered Chica. Though Chica, Bonnie and Foxy knew that they were talking to each other.

They suddenly unfroze and continued talking to the whole group.

"So, Freddy, what do you think about Foxy and his crush?" asked Bonnie.

"It don't matter to me. He can do what he wants." answered Freddy, as he stood up and walked back to the west side.

Goldy turned towards the Toys:

"He's always like that, please forgive him."

Toy Freddy, of course, didn't listen to him.

"Oke, then. I be goin' to check on Vixey. Ta lass ain't feelin' good." said Foxy, as he stood up and went back to the Kids cove and shut the door.

"I'm gonna go check on Freddy. Excuse me..." Chica stood up and walked back through the long hallway, looking for Freddy."

Toy Bonnie then decided to talk to his counterpart.

"The fighting was kinda stupid, don't you think?"

Bonnie then turned to his counterpart

"Yeah. Just wanna say, I'm kinda sorry I called you a girl the other night."

"That's ok. I'm sorry I attacked you from behind.

"No problem!" Then they both went for a handshake

"Bonnie." they said at the same time.

"Well, It's gonna be confusing...having two Bonnies." Toy Chica exclaimed with a chuckle.

"The same for two Chicas" Goldy added, approaching Toy Chica. She was still a little scared of him. He went for a handshake.

"Name's Golden Freddy, or Goldy for short."

"Uh...hi...I guess you already know my name."

" couldn't I? Hold on a second, I'll be right back." he said as he turned around.

Goldy then slipped and fell on the ground.

"Oh shit...oww!"

Toy Chica then jumped.

"Holy shit, are you ok?

"I am...though my nose hurts."

He turned around, holding his snout. He hurt his nose when he fell on the ground.

Toy Chica got off her chair and approached the groaning golden bear.

"Remove your paw and let me take a look." He did. Drops of oil were oozing out of his nose.

"That looks like it hurts...I'll go get a clean towel and a bandage from the first aid kit."

After a minute or so, she returned with both. She knelt down next to him. He offered to do it himself, but she insisted on doing it. She placed a clean towel on his nostrils, trying to stop the oil. She told him to hold it tight, as she started wrapping a bandage around his snout. She, unlike the other toys, was programmed to know the first aid, if a kid got hurt.

As she was bandaging his snout, he was looking at her bright blue eyes. He seemed to be lost in them

"Your have very beautiful and soothing eyes..." he said like he was having a stuffy nose . His nose was shut because of the bandage.

"Oh, do I? And you sound funny while talking with your nose closed. " she chuckled. Then she asked him:

"Why do you have black eyes with white pupils? Something happened to your eyes?"

"Yeah, my eyes turned black many years ago and stayed black..."

"Well I think you look cute with them."

"Hehe...thanks..." he blushed. Then he thought to himself: "That's the first time ever someone complimented my eyes."

Toy Bonnie decided to ask Bonnie: "Hey, uhh...Bonnie...?"


"You played the guitar for a long time, right?"


"Could you please show me some tips? Tomorrow is my first day, and I don't want to make mistakes while playing."

"Sure, do you have a spare one or something? So that we can do a double performance for a practice."

"Sure thing! I'll go get it. You wait for me at the stage."

When Toy Bonnie got a spare one, he went back to the stage, and his older counterpart started showing him some tips, as well as tuning a guitar the way he liked.

Later that night, with Foxy and Vixey

Foxy was holding Vixey while she was sleeping the whole day. He was also tired, but had to keep in mind that if he falls asleep, and humans find him there, they would probably scrap him. Occasionally, Toy Chica entered to check on them. Especially her best friend.

Vixey occasionally woke up, herself tired of sleeping, but then she would heat up and have to fall asleep once more. Everytime she woke up, she found herself in Foxy's embrace. She woke up once more, to see that it was already night outside. She looked up at Foxy and saw that he was drowsy as well.


"What...? Oh lass, yer awake." his eyes shot open. She lifted herself up and kissed him on the cheek.

"You are gonna fall asleep. If you do, the humans will find you here. Better go. I'll be fine.:

"Oke...Ye calm down, oke? sein' ya tomorrow." He kissed her forehead. She then grabbed his head, like she was telling him "wrong place", and kissed him on the snout. They started making out, but after a minute or so, she started shaking again, signaling that she's overheating once again. And he felt that she was. He then positioned her on her stage.

"Good night, lass."

"Good...night...and thank"

He leaned and kissed her forehead again, though this time she was burning hot. He reluctantly left the room, but he was tired himself.

On his way out, he saw Toy Freddy and the others, sitting and discussing something. He headed towards the west side and waved to the Toys.

"Good night, mateys."

"Night!" waved Toy Bonnie.

"Sleep well." waved Toy Chica.

Toy Freddy didn't say anything. He really hated the idea to make peace with the originals. Maybe he could be able to with the others, but there was no way for him to make peace with his counterpart.

As Foxy was heading towards the party room, he saw Goldy, and his snout was wrapped in a bandage.

"What happen'd to ye, lad?"

Goldy was straightforward:

"I fell, and Chica's counterpart helped bandage my snout. You were in there the whole day. What is going on with her?"

"Ehh...ta lass be havin' overheatin'. Ta humans will be fixin' 'er tomorrow." he said while looking down.

"Don't worry! She will be fine. I'll make sure the war doesn't start all over again, so you don't have to worry about that." Goldy responded with a wink.

"Thank ye, lad...Where be Freddy and ta others?"

"They're sleeping in the parts/service. I'm staying up to keep an eye on the place. You say that tomorrow night that Mike guard will come?"

"Aye..." Foxy nodded, and then yawned.

"Oh...sorry. You go and get some shut-eye. I'll go and...look around. I'm expecting for these party rooms to be filled tomorrow. Good night."

"Good night ta ye too, lad..."

Foxy then entered the parts/service. The others were already asleep. He laid down on the floor and fell asleep.

The next morning ~ 6 AM

The restaurant is opening in 2 hours, and Stevens came to the restaurant along with the cooks, the two engineers from yesterday, janitors, the day guard and a few other people that helped carry in the food and drinks. There was another one, who carried a big gift box and put it at the prize corner. It was a lot bigger than the other gift boxes, and it was in the middle.

As the workers prepared everything for the first day, Stevens, along with the two engineers, who were going to fix Vixey after the show, went into the Kids cove and get her ready. Stevens cut her show in length. Though she had to be there, because the first day is everything. Around 7 AM, the children started gathering in front with their parents. They all got up this early to go to the new and improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria.

It was 7:58, as Stevens and all the employees came out to greet everyone. Stevens had the microphone.

"Hello to everyone! And I want to wish you a warm welcome to the new Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria...!" And went on to give a speech. As 8 AM struck, he gave a sign that everyone can enter, and everyone entered the pizzeria.

The kids came mostly because of the animatronics, so they rushed off to the stage to see them. There stood the Toy animatronics. The kids cheered for them, as the animatronics stepped forward. Toy Freddy was the first one to speak in his microphone:

"Hello, boys and girls! Me and my friends, Bonnie and Chica, are so excited to see you all! We will be playing some wonderful songs for you!"

Then it was Toy Bonnie's turn:

"I'm sure you remember me! I'm your best bunny buddy, Bonnie! I will be playing you songs on my awesome guitar!"

Then Toy Chica:

"And I'm your favorite chicken, Chica! So what are we waiting for? Let's party!"

Then the band started playing a song. Toy Freddy and Toy Chica were the singers. Toy Bonnie was the guitarist. After they finished a few songs, fresh pizza was being served to the children.

The three animatronics were really happy to finally perform for the children. Though they were still worried for Vixey, because she had to perform as well.

There were no birthdays today, so the party rooms were not reserved, so they were empty. Goldy couldn't allow to be seen by the day guard, who was at the office. He was teleporting around the party rooms, trying to somehow get out to see the children.

When the band finished some more songs, the manager spoke again:

"Now, everyone make your way to the Kids cove, because we have another star to introduce!"

The kids headed towards the double door that read "Kids cove". The employee opened them wide and children rushed in to see Vixey. The cove was nicely decorated. She then jumped onto her stage and greeted the kids.

"Hello, kiddies! My name is Vixey, the adventure vixen! I wish you a warm welcome to Freddy Fazbear's Pizza! Glad to meet you all! I will be taking you on an adventure! I will be telling you some interesting, amazing, intense, scary and plenty of other stories. Better sit down, because the show is about to start!"

The children sat down on the little chairs that were placed all around the Kids cove. Of course, Vixey's act is to tell stories to the children.

She was on for 15 minutes. She finished telling one story, when she suddenly started stuttering. The engineers saw that and decided that it was enough of her act. They told the kids that the story telling was over and sent them back to the main dining room.

When they closed the doors, they decided to start working on Vixey. First of all, they powered her off, causing her to go limp. Then they both took out screwdrivers and started to remove the screws on her back, one by one. It took 30 minutes just to do that. Finally, they completely opened her upper part. One engineer started reaching for the broken wire, as he had some issues. She was completely burning. They had to cool her off somehow before they started working. The cooling part lasted around 30 minutes as well. When they cooled her off just enough so that they could do what they had to. The engineer reached the wire and snapped it off of her radiator. Then they examined the wire, as the other one tried to look for an identical one. Once they finally found it, they started connecting it to the radiator. Once they finally did, they had to screw the screws back on. That took them another 30 minutes. But they finally finished and decided to try her out. They turned her power on, and her eyes shot open. She saw that she was in the Kids cove, but she wasn't alone, so she acted like an animatronic. They let her on for 20 minutes, to see if she would work properly, and she did. She also felt extremely good.

The engineers smiled, as they picked their stuff up and left the cove to tell the boss.

She was happy that her radiator got fixed, but was feeling bad that she was on for only 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, the Toy band was entertaining the children. Goldy sensed that there was no one in the bathrooms, so he decided to teleport there. He peeked out and looked at the swarm of children cheering for the band. He then started looking at Toy Chica. Oh was he attracted to her. He wondered off so much in his mind, he got noticed by a kid. He realized that and teleported away.

"Shit! At least it was just a kid."

The kid went into the bathrooms, looking for a yellow bear he just saw.

He teleported back to the west side, and then, without being noticed by the day guard, he teleported into a parts and service room. That was the only room that didn't have a camera in it, and that's where his friends were.

The day ended with the kids going to a prize corner, where they could hear a music box. It played "My Grandfather's clock". When everyone gathered, the song changed to "Pop goes the weasel" as a marionette popped out of the big box on the center. It looked and acted like a marionette, but was not a marionette. It was an animatronic.

"I'm Marty the Marionette! I'm sure happy to see you kids want some presents! Today I will be giving you all your very own official Freddy Fazbear's tophat!"

After the kids claimed their little plastic tophats, It was time to close. The pizzeria was closing during the day, so it was not like the old one. It was closing at 2 PM, so that the parents could pick their children up and go home.

After closing, the janitors cleaned the pizzeria and everyone left, after Stevens locked the pizzeria after their first successful day. The Toy band was finally able to move around. The first place they went to was Kids cove. They were overjoyed to see that Vixey was okay and that she had no overheating problems anymore. Once the noise stopped, the originals, without Freddy, came out of the parts/service and headed towards the main dining room. Goldy simply teleported there. He still scared the Toys with his teleporting ability. Bonnie went to talk to Toy Bonnie and ask him how did he do on his first day. Chica went up to Toy Chica and asked her:

"Hey, is it okay if I use the kitchen?"

She then responded: "No, not at all! I was just thinking of going to the kitchen. Do you like to cook?"

"Yes, I love to! I've been doing that for all the years at the old place."

"Well, what do you say we cook something for everybody?"

"I'd love to!"

Toy Chica then looked at Goldy's bandaged snout, and told her counterpart:

"You go, I'll come in a few minutes."

"You got it!"

Toy Chica went up to Goldy:

"Hey, how's your snout doing?"

He, then surprised by her question, answered:

"Oh, hi, Chica...It's doing good, it doesn't hurt anymore. But we have can't have two Chicas. I have to think of something other to call you..."

"Why don't you call me ChiChi? I like that nickname a lot.

"Okay, then it's settled."

Goldy couldn't help, but glance at her body. She noticed that and started blushing.

"I..I'll go help my counterpart in the kitchen. We are gonna make a feast."

"Ok, see ya later..." he waved as he proceeded to remove the bandages.

Foxy first rushed into the Kids cove, only to find Vixey laying down on her stage, no movement at all. Toy Freddy told him that she was fixed, so he thought that she was tired from her performance. He called her:

"Viiixeey...wake up, me beauty!"

She didn't respond. He instantly got worried and approached her.

"Vixey, lass...wake up!"

No response.

"No way...Lass, wake up!"

He gently shook her. Still no response. He panicked.

"No! Please, ye need ta wake up!"

His eyes started shining. He was starting to cry over her limp body. He couldn't believe it. He then put her into a sitting position and hugged her, crying. He was hugging her for nearly 2 minutes.

"W-wake up...Ya n-need ta wake up! Please! I love ya, Vixey!"

"I know you do, Foxy..." she suddenly responded into his ear out of nowhere. He gasped and took a good look at her. She was smiling at him.

"Y-ye were jokin' wit me?"

She chuckled: "Yes! I was waiting for your reaction! Now I know what you really think about me." as she went to hug him back. "I'm sorry I scared you like that."

She then started licking his cheeks that were soaked with tears. He hugged her even tighter.

"Ya don' do tat' anymore! Never!"

"I love you too, Foxy.". She kissed him on the snout. He kissed her back, though still shaking from what he had gone through.

After a couple of minutes, he calmed down.

"So...ta humans fixed ya? How do ya feel?

"I feel amazing!"

"Ya be a bad lass!" He smiled at her and they started kissing passionately.

Back at the kitchen, Bonnie and Goldy entered, smelling something very delicious.

"Mmmm...smells like pizza!" Bonnie sniffed the air excitedly.

Chica then turned to look at him:

"I know what my sweetie loves the most!"

"I love you, most of all." Bonnie was flirtatious.

"Oh really?" Chica then decided to tease him. She whispered into his ear: "Then prove it."

"And how should I do that?" he asked.

"Like this..."

Chica then leaned forward and they started making out, not caring at all that Goldy and Toy Chica, now also known as ChiChi, were in front of them.

Bonnie then started kissing her neck. She laughed:

"Ok, ok, you've proven it."

Toy Chica looked at them and aww'd at the cute sight. Goldy was a little jealous of them. He then looked at Toy Chica and approached.

"ChiChi?" he asked for her attention. She turned around:

"Yes, Goldy?"

"Do you need any help with the pizzas?"

"Sure, thanks! You can take that one out of the oven, it's done. I'll put the next one.

"You got it!"

He then helped her with the toppings once the pizzas were finished. They talked quite a lot and goofed around during the baking. He also offered to carry out the pizzas.

"Aww, thank you so much, you're sweet." and she kissed him on the cheek. He blushed.

"Aw, shucks..!

Chica and Bonnie went to look for Freddy. He was still in the west side, sitting and doing nothing. They called him out:

"Freddy! Why are you still here? Come out, we are about to bring out some pizzas!"

"I'm coming...give me a minute."

Chica asked him: "Freddy, why are you acting like this?"

He answered: "I need some time to get comfortable with the situation...and in case you are wondering, no, I'm not gonna try to make peace with that shitbag..."

"Whatever, just come out"

After he came out, both Foxy and Vixey came out of the Kids cove, as well, and they all sat at the big party table. Freddy and Toy Freddy were on the opposite sides, of course. Toy Bonnie was playing a song that he learned on his guitar, while Bonnie was being a judge and told him what he thought about it. Goldie and ChiChi were talking with eachother a lot, and looking at each other in the eyes.

Though they didn't notice that something was crawling around...

And that's the end of the 6th chapterrrr...There, I introduced my last favorite ship...Golden Freddy x Toy Chica!


Thanksss so much :3

Until next time...peace out!

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