Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


5. Chapter 5

Foxy x Mangle | Love within the war Chapter 5, a five nights at freddy´s fanfic


The following day, 10 AM ~ East side

This is the last day before the restaurant gets open, and sure enough, the workers came to the pizzeria to check on the Toy animatronics and get them ready for their first day.

The Toy animatronics were back to their positions once they heard humans enter. Two engineers approached them.

"Let's start with the chicken."

"Sounds good."

They approached Toy Chica, and while one of them was opening her back to check if there were any problems, the other one was handing him the tools he asked.

"Ok, give me the wrench, so I can check if these screws and nuts are loose."

"Here it comes!"

So they did the same with Toy Bonnie and Toy Freddy. Vixey was the last.

"Uh-oh...there seems to be a problem with the vixen."

"What's up?"

"A damn wire has been cut."

"Is it serious?"

"Yeah, I can't reach it without having to open her completely!"

"What's the wire attached to?"

"From the looks of it, the radiator. She can still work, though she can overheat during the show."


"We gotta tell the boss not to include her tomorrow. Close her up, and I'll go tell him. "

"You got it!"

The engineer then went on and knock on his office door.

"Come in!" That was Stevens, the new manager. The engineer entered.

"Sir, the vixen is having some issues, and it's not that easy to fix. Her radiator wire is broke." The engineer explained.

"Well, will she work at least?" Stevens asked.

"Well...yeah. Though she can overheat and collapse during the show, so it might not be safe for the kids."

Stevens then thought to himself: "Fuck, tomorrow is the introducing day. Everyone must be there." He then turned back to the engineer and said:

"She will be ok, you will get to fixing her tomorrow after the show. Now go home. I'll give you extra once you do the job."

"Understood." the engineer said as he walked out of the office.

Of course, Vixey was listening every single word as she was getting a check-up. She got worried. Once she heard the other engineer come back and tell that she will still be up tomorrow, she got worried even more.

The engineers left the Kids cove. She was now alone.

"What if I do overheat and fall on a poor kid? I would never forgive myself..." she whimpered quietly. But then again she was sad if she wouldn't see the children the first day.

The people finished what they had to do and left at 1 PM after Stevens locked the door. The animatronics were alone again.

Toy Freddy and the other two were exchanging their comments on what their state was.

"So, looks like we are good?" Toy Freddy asked.

"We have to ask Vix, though I'm sure she's ok as well." Toy Chica was worried for a moment.

Vixey came out of the Kids Cove with a sad expression.

"What's wrong?" They asked.

"I have a problem, and I...might hurt a kid tomorrow. I can overheat and fall onto a kid. Also, If I actually do overheat, will I...die?"

They were sad, and Toy Chica tried to cheer her up:

"Hey don't worry, you will be fine, you won't die, they can fix you up! And since they know about it, they will try to keep the kids away from you."

She already started showing signs of overheating, as she was twitching weirdly and stuttering every single word.

"Thanks...I'll some...thing."

They got worried

"Oh no, Vix, better lay down and take a nap, ok?" Toy Chica tried to get her to calm down, so that she won't be using that much power. As she went on to help her get back to Kids cove, she touched her shoulder and felt that she was already overheating bad.

"Come on, better lay down and calm down" Toy Chica said as she helped her friend lay down in her cove. Vixey fell asleep after some time and stopped heating up. They all helped her by opening the windows and taking a fan from the kitchen and putting it next to her.

As she was falling asleep, she remembered the previous night, when she kissed Foxy.

Meanwhile ~ West side

Freddy and Bonnie were in the office, chatting. Not like they had anything better to do. Chica in a fourth party room, where they went only once , bored as hell. She would usually go into the kitchen and cook something if she was bored. She even thought of going to the east side, just to get to the kitchen.

Foxy was in a party room across. He had enough of hiding, so he decided to confess to Freddy and Bonnie, so that he could think about it freely. Sooner or later, they would have to find out anyway. Though he was afraid of how Freddy might react, since he really hated their counterparts. Nevertheless, he decided to go for it.

Freddy and Bonnie were looking eachother and chatting, not noticing that Foxy was right in front of the office. As he entered the office, they were still not noticing them. He then cleared his throat to get their attention.

"Lads...?" They turned towards him:

Bonnie: "Oh, hey Foxy!"

Freddy: "Hey, me and Bonnie were just talking about you. Why did you do that last night? What was wrong with you?"

Foxy wanted to tell them, but then he stopped. He then thought of something different to ask, because he was still unsure of how Freddy would react.

"I wann'ed ta ask ya, what do ya think 'bout our counterparts..."

Freddy was confused by that.

"What do you mean? You know yourself! I would rip their guts out! Especially to my gay counterpart! They have taken our jobs! And your job was taken by a girl!"

Foxy wasn't satisfied with that answer.

"But, ta lass saved me, Freddy."

Chica was listening from down the hallway, knowing what Foxy was trying to do. She was also waiting for Freddy's answer.

"It's a trick, Foxy! They saved you so that they can humiliate you later on! The most important thing is that you are okay and that we will soon kick their asses for stealing our jobs."

Foxy was now even less satisfied with the answer. He was angry on the inside, but was not showing it. While Foxy was leaving, Bonnie thought about why was Foxy acting like the way he did at that moment and the previous night when he just left the poker game. Foxy was walking back down the hallway with his ears down as he walked into a party room. Bonnie left the office and decided to ask Foxy himself, since he saw that Foxy didn't wanna tell Freddy.

As he was about to enter the party room, he saw Chica peeking from behind the corner. He smiled and asked:

"Why are you hiding, my love?" as he went to kiss her.

"I'm not hiding anythin.." and then she mentally facepalmed herself. "How can I be so stupid?!"

"What did you say? What are you hiding, sweetheart? Is it something about Foxy?"

"Well...yeah. Just don't tell Freddy, since you heard his answer." she said as she proceeded to tell him what's wrong with Foxy.

"Whoa...never would have guessed. And how do you know that?" he asked her in disbelief.

"I saw it right from the beginning, when he introduced her to us. He had a strange expression on his face back then. I've been watching him ever since. I think that this war is really bothering him just because of his crush."

"Ye two, I'm listenin' to ya..." Foxy peeked out of the party room after hearing them talk.

"Oh, sorry, Foxy. I had to tell Bonnie."

"It be ok, just don' tell Freddy, ok?"

"We won't!" they said at the same time.

Then he went back into the party room, looking down in sadness. They both looked at each other and decided to cheer him up.

As Foxy was sitting in the party room, Bonnie and Chica entered.

"Do you want to go and visit her?" asked Bonnie

"Tat would be great, but ya both kno' I can't do tat."

"Oh, what does that old bear know about love? Don't worry, we will distract him! You go and try to explain our counterparts why you came. I'm sure they understand by now." Chica assured him.

"How do ya know?" Foxy was more than confused.

"Well, I overheard her talking with them about you. They seemed understanding."

"Really? Ye are gonna give tis ol' pirate a chance?"

"Yes!" go both of them.

"And, wat 'bout Freddy?" he asked them, hoping they would do what they said.

"Oh don't worry, I'll distract him. I'll talk him into something. Go now, and remember to cheer up!" Bonnie said cheerfully.

Then Bonnie and Chica left the party room and went to the office. Foxy headed towards the metal door that was separating east and west side of the building, and their "territories".

Meanwhile, back at the old place ~ Golden Freddy's P.O.V

The hell are they doing now? They are carrying out the tables? So that means they won't be opening any kind of restaurant here? What is that? Are those paint buckets? What are they gonna do with them? They are gonna repaint the walls? Holy crap there are so many things happening here. They are gonna open some kind of a shop? Oh boy, this will be interesting. If that happens, then I won't have anything to do here. I'm thinking about moving in the new place with Freddy and the others.

Oh, t-that must be Stevens. He must have came to check everything. He's taking my job now...haha. And the office as well! They are redoing the office. Is it still gonna stay the security office, or will they make it a manager's office, or something else. From what they are doing, it looks like they are gonna make some kind of a shop. I think I'll go visit them once more. Gotta tell them that I might move in...though they won't mind for sure!

Back at the new place

Foxy headed towards the metal door that was separating east and west side of the building, and their "territories". He went for the handle, but someone opened the door right before he could. He jumped back, surprised by this. From behind the door peeked Toy Chica.

"What the? Where are you going?" she asked him, surprised as well.

"I was 'bout ta ask ya the same t'ing"

"I came to look for you."

"Really? Why?"

"Well...there has been a... problem with our friend, so I thought that she might cheer up when she sees you."

"What happened to 'er ?" he asked with a worried expression.

"She's experiencing some issues, and she is depressed, so I thought you could cheer her up."

"Aye aye! Take me to 'er."

"She's at the cove. You know that place well, I suppose."

He then rushed past her and the other two, without even looking at them. Toy Freddy was still worried: "I don't think this is such a good idea, Chica. We are way to kind to them."

"Oh will you stop already?! We are better to actually try to make peace with them instead of fighting them." Toy Chica was irritated by Toy Freddy and his worrying.

"Oh hell no! I'm not making peace with that old shithead of theirs! I'd rather kill him!"

Toy Chica rolled her eyes. Toy Bonnie came up to Toy Freddy and told him:

"You know, I do kinda want to meet the other Bonnie. He seems kind of cool..."

"Oh too?!"

"Seriously, why are we even fighting?"

"Because they want to take our jobs away, Bonnie! I'm not making peace with them! Especially with that cunt of a bear! And your counterpart called you a girl!"

"Yes, Freddy, but there is something called "forgiveness". I'm not sure if you heard about it."

"Forget it! I'm not making peace with them! Period!". Toy Bonnie rolled his eyes.

As Foxy entered the Kids cove, he saw Vixey laying on her stage. She was facing the wall, so she didn't see who entered.

She was still using minimum of her power so that she would not overheat, though she was conscious.

"What's up, Chica?" she guessed it was Toy Chica, not even turning around to look.

Then Foxy spoke: "I ain't no Chica, but I hope I can still cheer ya up."

She recognized his voice and turned around. Her eyes widened.

"Foxy? What are you doing here?" she immediately jumped into a sitting position.

"Tat don't matter. Tell tis ol' pirate wat's wrong with ya.". He knew she would cheer up when she saw him.

"I have overheating problems...I might pass out. Foxy, I'm glad you came to see me!"

When he heard the word "oveheating", he told her:

"Ok, then calm down, lass.". He went over to her, sat next to her. They went for a hug at the same time. Once he touched her, he felt she was burning hot.

She started stuttering again: "I don't...feel so...good" as she twitched.

"I be here 'til yer better. Ye calm down, oke?"

"No...I fixed...tomorrow..."

"Oke, then I be stayin' for a while."

"Thank you..."

He then did the same when he met her. He hugged her close as she was falling asleep. Compared to her, he was quite cold, so he tried to take away some of the heat. He rested his snout on her forehead while supporting her head with his arms.

Back with the other three

Bonnie and Chica were running out of ideas on how to distract Freddy. Freddy then asked them what they were afraid he would ask.

"Hey, where's Foxy?"

Bonnie and Chica both looked at eachother.

"Oh, he's taking a nap in the party room." Chica said sheepishly. Bonnie nodded, confirming what Chica said.

"Ok, I'll go check on him."

As he was exiting the office, Bonnie and Chica whispered:

"Oh shit...where the hell is Foxy?! It's been an hour or so...!" Chica was thinking on what to do for Freddy.

"Don't you think that maybe...?"

"No way they would do that to him!"

They rushed past Freddy down the hallway.

"Whoa...what's up with you two?"

"Well...umm...I wanted to tell you that I love Chica so much!" Bonnie was clearly out of ideas as he started kissing Chica.

"Uhh...I know that... What are you two hiding. Let me get to the party room!" He pushed them out of the way and came to the party room.

"What the hell? Where is he?"

Freddy then proceeded to check every other party room, and finally, parts/service room. Foxy was nowhere to be found.

"Where the hell is he?"

Bonnie and Chica knew they were busted.

"Well...?!" Freddy asked impatiently while crossing his arms and tapping his foot on the ground.

They confessed: "He is over there." pointing at the metal door.

"What?! What is he doing there? Did they trap him again? Now I'm gonna rip their guts out for sure!" Freddy growled angrily as he went for the metal door.

Bonnie and Chica tried to stop him.

"Freddy, no!"

"Freddy, stop!"

Then Goldy teleported in front of Freddy.

"Whoa...what's going on here."

Freddy pushed Goldy out of the way and slammed the metal door open. The three toys looked at him and saw the expression on his face. Bonnie, Chica and Goldy ran out after him.

"Freddy, stop!" Bonnie yelled.

"What the hell is going on?" Goldy asked. Chica snapped:

"FREDDY! YOU LISTEN HERE RIGHT NOW!" as she slapped him across the back of his head! He turned around.


"Stop this already! Foxy is fine!"

He didn't listen to her. Instead, he turned towards the toys. Toy Bonnie and Chica backed off, trying to avoid another fight. Toy Freddy stepped forward.

"What's the problem now, shitbag?" Toy Freddy started insulting.

"You know what the problem is, you gaylord! Now I have the chance to gut you! Are you ready for Freddy?!

"Are you ready for this Freddy?" Toy Freddy positioned himself for an attack.

They charged at each other. To their surprise, Goldy teleported in the middle of the collision and punched them both in the face. Both of them ricocheted and fell to the ground.

"Goldy, what are you doing?! Move out of the way now!" Freddy raised his voice.

Goldy turned towards him

"What did you just say? You dare to raise your voice at me?!

"You are not my father, Goldy!"

"I'm your older brother, Freddy! And you will do as I say. You are gonna stop this nonsense!" He yelled in Freddy's face as he grabbed his ear and started pulling. Freddy tried to free himself, but couldn't. Goldy was stronger.

Toy Freddy then started humiliating Freddy:

"Oooh, look who's getting lectured!"

Freddy, now ignoring Goldy who was still holding him, yelled:

"You piece of shit! I'm gonna rip your...mphmgmmm..."

"Shut!" Goldy yelled as he placed his hand on Freddy's mouth. Then he turned towards Bonnie and Chica and told them: "Hold on him and don't let him go!". Bonnie and Chica obeyed and each grabbed Freddy by the arms.

Goldy then turned towards Toy Freddy.

"And you...just because you have the job of entertaining kids now doesn't mean you need to boast! And act like a bitch!"

Toy Freddy was a little intimidated by Goldy, since he was a little bigger than Freddy, and he has a special ability.

"S...stay away from!" Toy Freddy stuttered.

"Give me a good reason to." Goldy countered, though not approaching him anymore. He continued: "Now, where is Foxy?"

Then they heard a door open. It was the door to the Kids cove. Foxy opened the door:

"What in tha world be goin' on 'ere?" He then saw both groups, along with Goldy and got confused.

Freddy then called: "Foxy! Where the hell have you been and what the hell are you doing there?"

Foxy looked at both groups. Nobody but Freddy and Toy Freddy showed that they wanted to fight.

Goldy understood what Foxy was looking at and told him, and everyone else: "There will be no fights while I'm here! Understood?!"

They all nodded, except Freddy and Toy Freddy. Goldy looked at them both:

"Understood?!" He repeated himself.

Freddy: "For now."

Toy Freddy: "Ok..."

Goldy smiled: "Good, now let's all try to get along." He then turned to Toy Bonnie and Toy Chica and asked: "Where is your other friend?"

Foxy answered him that question: "Ta lass be in 'ere, tho' not feelin' very good."

Bonnie and Chica looked at him, seemingly worried.

Goldy then suggested: "Why don't we all sit down and talk about it? Let's also keep these two as far away from each other as possible." He then looked at the two bears who were still eyeballing eachother, but knew they couldn't do anything.

As they all sat down at the big party table, Toy Freddy decided to ask Goldy: ""

Goldy turned towards him: "Yeah?"

Toy Freddy then cautiously asked: "Were you the one that scared us yesterday?"

Then Goldy's "fun" side returned: "Oh, yeah. You guys should have seen your faces." he laughed.

Then Foxy proceeded to finally tell Freddy what was going on.

Meanwhile, someone from the group caught Goldy's attention.

Well, a cliffhanger. A small one, but still. How is Freddy gonna react? Who caught Goldy's attention from the group? What do you guys think?


Until next time,as always...peace out! ;)

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