Love Within the War

After the closing of their beloved home, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy find themselves in another pizzeria, where they meet their counterparts. Will the war continue until one side is conquered, or will they find a way to make peace? Rated M for later chapters.


18. Chapter 18

Unknown place, unknown time

"You got out last time, thanks to your retarded little suck-up friends, Goldy. But now, there is nobody here that can stop me now! I will get your soul tonight!" The Puppet then started singing a creepy song from which Goldy's fear intensified.

He was in the middle of a field that was completely covered in fog, alone with no friends around him. The visibility was poor, only 10 feet. He couldn't see the Puppet, but he could hear it's evil song. He couldn't really hear the lyrics, but he could hear words like 'nights', 'frights', 'terror', and 'soul' in a creepy deep voice and silent eerie laugh.

He didn't know where he was, so all he could do is keep his eyes closed and listen for Puppet. He has really sensitive ears, so he can hear where the singing is coming from, and he always turned his side towards the direction. He didn't want to be attacked from the back, and he didn't want to make a direct eye contact.

As the Puppet sang it's creepy song, waiting for a good moment to strike, Goldy heard someone yelling in the distance. It was echoing, so it was pretty far away. Thanks to his ears, he recognized the voice immediately.

"Chi..." he thought to himself.

"Honeybear! Where you at?!" the yelling was becoming louder and louder, signaling that she was getting closer. He didn't want to reveal where he was, because of the Puppet. He tried to ignore Chi's yelling and concentrate on the Puppet.

"Marty, is it?" he asked.

"Yes. That's what you will become. You will become me once again after I absorb your cheeky little soul. Even if it is a piece of trash, it will still help me regain my full power." the Puppet mocked.

"The only thing that is a piece of trash is your ability to intimidate. Your singing sucks ass, and you are hiding behind your supernatural powers, typical pussy. If we went 1 on 1 with no powers used, the ground would absorb you, motherfucker." Goldy made a comeback, already pissed.

The Puppet did not answer. They didn't notice that Chi got extremely close, and was now a few dozen yards away, following the talking noises.

"Goldy? Please tell me that is you." She approached cautiously. Goldy was now afraid that she would get attacked by the Puppet, so he dashed towards her. Just as he reached her, she got scared at first, but then was relieved.

"I was crying! I thought i los..."

"The Puppet is here! Close your eyes straight away!"

Once he looked at her again, she started screaming in agony, as she fell down on the ground. He realized that the Puppet was right behind him, and that it possessed the soul of his loved one.

"!" He fell down next to her, searching for any signs of life. "YOU BASTARD! YOU ARE GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!" Goldy said as he turned around and woke up in a backstage room bed, screaming. He immediately woke up Chi, who was sleeping next to him, causing her to panic, thinking something was terribly wrong. She jumped out of bed and prepared for a fight, in case he was still possessed. To her extreme relief, he wasn't when he looked at her with his normal black eyes.

"Goldy? You're okay?" she asked, already for a fight.

"Except for having a horrible nightmare, yeah..."

Chi felt like a stone fell off of her heart when she heard his voice again. She jumped on him, embracing him tightly.

"It is a miracle that you are back!"

At that point, everyone ran into the backstage room, after hearing a scream. They soon found out that Goldy was a-okay, and was double relieved. Right after that, there was an extremely warm sight to see. Everyone formed a group hug, proclaiming a victory in a battle with the Puppet, but not the war...not yet. After a lot of greetings and love, they all went back into the main area, discussing about the Puppet. Chi and Goldy stayed in the backstage room and talked. (No lemons, don't get ur hopes up)

"All I can remember is chasing Adrian, and then nothing."

"Mhm. And do you know what happened?"

"No, but from the nightmare, I heard the Puppet mentioning 'retarded little suck-up friends that saved me'. Were they..."

"Yes, they were Foxy and Vixey. I only have to say that it was the worst moment of my entire animatronic life. I saw you fall on the ground and...not move. I cried a river, Goldy." she said, as tears began to form on her face again, remembering such a horrifying moment.

"Aww, come here. I experienced the same thing in the nightmare..." he said as he embraced her again "...the Puppet had you."

They stayed in a hug for a really long time, mostly because of the feeling that they never wanna let go of eachother. At some point, the door opened.

"Aye, we be havin' pizza. It still be hot, so hurry up, mates!" Foxy peeked from behind the door.

"Shall we?" Goldy turned back to Chi.

"Sure!" She answered.

At the table, everyone was served a slice of pizza, and everyone couldn't help but ask themselves - is Goldy free after what happened. Goldy first stood up and thanked Foxy and Vixey for saving him before he took a bite. Giving them both a hug, he said:

"I knew that there is a way to defeat the Puppet, and that way is you two. Only with your help we can destroy that fucker."

Foxy and Vixey looked at eachother and realized that what Goldy was saying is truth. Goldy probably isn't free, his soul has just been released, for now. Everyone then sat back down and ate the pizza, recapping on what they can do, and how they can trap the Puppet for long enough to kick it's ass. They still don't know Goldy's situation, and having him in the battle is risky, but he is necessary, as he is the only one that can teleport.

Somewhere in a forest...

The Puppet was in a forest, still not accepting what happened earlier.

"It is impossible. I haven't learned that the process can be reversed. There must be an explanation. And if I don't get those souls soon, I...I have no idea what to think anymore!"

"Well, that's the proof that you are still not worthy of becoming a Dark Creature, Marty my friend." a familiar voice could be heard.

"It's you. Tell me, what I have been doing wrong?" The Puppet asked.

"You have been missing a crucial factor. It is the one that makes connections, yet brakes them as well. The one you witnessed tonight and the other night. But you have never experienced it."

"Will you stop with the riddles? Please tell me what am I missing."

"If I do, it will shatter your chances of becoming a Dark Creature, because a Dark Creature is self-taught. Hints are the only thing I can give you. Think, Marty. Think harder." The stranger faded away.

"It breaks connections, and makes them as well...I witnessed it twice. I witnessed the two foxes being freed, and tonight, the golden bear being saved. Maybe connection between them?

"That's it. What is it called?" The Stranger's voice returned.

"Love? Friendship?"

"There. Now you know."

"I have to break them up somehow. I need to isolate one of them one by one. That's the only way.

With Adrian...

Adrian was headed home. He forgot his bike back at the pizzeria, so he walked. It was 1:41 AM, but his phone battery died a long time ago, so he didn't know. His mind was still on what he has done. He doesn't know Goldy's state, and if animatronics find him again, they will kill him, there is no doubt. Once he got to his front door, he opened it and quietly entered. He heard whimpering and children crying from the living room. He quickly rushed in the living room and saw his wife sitting on an armchair and crying, along with their two children crying as well.

"I'm back! Why are you crying? Kids, don't cry. What happened here?

His wife looked at him with a beast look and yelled at him: "You happened! We have been trying to call you for 2 hours, Adrian! Where have you been, for fucks sa..." she realized that the children were listening and crying as well, so she reassured them that everything was okay and sent them to sleep. After she tucked them in, she went down to talk to her husband.

"You shortened my life expectancy for 10 years. Where the hell were you? I swear if you were going at the night clubs, there will be problems Adrian!"

"No, but you won't believe me if I told you." He tried to bring up what really happened to him.

"Oh really? Stop playing games with me and tell me where were you!"

"Woman, I feel bad enough already and I'm fucking tired. I'm going to sleep and you should too." Adrian stood up from his chair and went to bed.


"We have a broken window here. We can use it to our advantage. Over the night there will be no people around here, so we can afford the risk." Freddy and Bonnie suggested.

"We need someone to be a bait, right?" Bon asked.

"Exactly." Goldy replied

"And it can't be one of us two. The Puppet already knows that we can't be possessed." Vixey pointed out.

"I'll be the bait! I want some action as well." Chica offered.

"No! Chica, you are mad. I will do it instead." Her boyfriend protested.

"Let Chica, she will be a good bait." Freddy said.

"We don't know when the Puppet will attack, so I need to practice my teleporting. I need Toy Freddy, Bon, and Freddy to help me out."

Toy Freddy and Bon: "Cool."

Freddy: "Everything for you, brother."

"Bonnie, help Foxy and Vixey as much as you can. They need to learn to handle their powers." Goldy said as he was joined by the other three.

"How am I supposed to do that?" Bonnie asked with absolutely no clue.

"Chica, you help Chi practice her martial arts moves."

"Can do!"

"Everyone, go!"

And so, Goldy and the other three now went into the west side of the building, where the party rooms were.

"Alright. Toy Freddy, you go in this party room." Goldy said, pointing to a party room. He told the same to the other two for two different party rooms. "This is how it will go. I will teleport to each of you, and bring you with me. I will start with Bon, teleport to my brother, and then to Toy Freddy. I will try my best to teleport all three of us multiple times to practice my concentration and endurance." he said. And so they started. Goldy teleported around with all three of them multiple times, practicing his mental endurance.

"Let me get a bag of flour." Chica said. She brought a huge bag of flour to replace a bag of sand. She hung it on the pan holder in the kitchen. "Show me how hard you can hit."

"With pleasure!" Chi confidently said and punched the bag of flour multiple times, having it wave around. After a while, she started kicking it, and showed that she has a lot of strength, compared to her looks.

Bonnie, Foxy and Vixey could not practice, as they didn't know what to do.

After a while, Goldy showed that his endurance was at maximum, Chi's strength and agility were at a maximum as well, and Foxy and Vixey were...also ready? Even if they didn't practice at all.

They were ready for the Puppet now. They had a plan well thought out, now they were waiting for it.

And because the Puppet discovered what it has to do to defeat them, it went on another attack the same night, thinking it was ready.

It teleported near the pizzeria to scout out where everyone was located and animatronic chicken wandering outside of the pizzeria with no one else in sight - a perfect opportunity. It teleported in the tree where Chica was, and just as it was about to teleport in front of Chica, it felt a hit in the back of the head. It turned around to find nobody, but the rock it was hit with fell down in front of Chica. After Chica noticed the rock, she turned around and went deeper into the darkness, giving the Puppet another opportunity.

As Chica was walking, the Puppet teleported right behind her. She appeared to take something off of her hand. The Puppet creeped up exactly behind her. All of a sudden, Chica turned around and exposed her bare endoskeleton and wires. She took of her hand.

"Surprise, motherfucker!" she quoted a show that she had a chance to watch with the others. She made contact with the Puppet and discharged the electricity into the Puppet, causing an electric shock that prompted the Puppet to teleport away. It randomly teleported back in front of the pizzeria, where Bonnie, Bon and Freddy were waiting. As the Puppet was still shocked, all three of them had their hands taken off as well, doing a triple shock on the Puppet, disabling it temporarily.

In comes Chi, dashing towards the Puppet and doing a roundhouse kick on it's face, causing the head to crack a little. The Puppet stood up and tried to teleport away, but was stopped by Goldy, who was now trying to take control of the teleportation and bring the Puppet back. The Puppet was teleporting rapidly, just like before, but Goldy just wouldn't let go.

Soon, the Puppet started losing control of the teleport because of the electrical shocks and Goldy took control. He quickly brought them back to the gang, where they were waiting. The Puppet managed to break lose from Goldy, but when it tried to teleport, it couldn't.

"What the hell is going on here?!" It yelled in frustration. It then did the next best thing. It's eyes turned red, prompting everyone to look away. Everyone except for Foxy and Vixey, who were immune to the Puppet's powers. They quickly grabbed a hold of it, and tried to take it apart, but something curious happened. Once they got in contact with the Puppet, it started releasing some kind of energy. Some was absorbed by the two foxes, and some was discharged into the air.

The Puppet felt like it was losing strength quickly, as Foxy's and Vixey's bodies started glowing red and white-pink respectively, with their eyes turning completely white.

Soon, the Puppet was on the ground, leached from it's strength (energy). Now it could not perform it's abilities.

"Ooh shit! NO! PLEASE NO!" The Puppet yelled.

"Get it!" Everyone screamed. All that the Puppet could do is run now. It tried, but Goldy's teleport made it impossible.

"And where do you think you are going, mister cry-face?" he mocked and slapped the Puppet with all his strength, causing it to hit a tree and fall on the ground, with everyone gathering around it.

"Now ye are dead!" Foxy growled and grabbed the Puppet with his still white-glowing eyes and started pulling it's upper part and lower part apart. He got help from Vixey, as now those two completely tore the Puppet in two, causing loads of springs, bolts and nuts to fall out. Once the animatronic stopped functioning, a Puppet-shapped energy came out of it's core. It took a shape of the Puppet itself, but it wasn't physical anymore.

They all started at it until it screamed so loud, a whole town was probably woken up. Then it simply faded into the air, leaving a ripped animatronic Puppet on the ground. At that point, Foxy and Vixey stopped glowing and their eyes returned to normal.

"We did it." Goldy whispered.

When they took another look at the insides of the animatronic, they found a doll. A real puppet/marionette that looked exactly the same. Everyone had a same thought run through their minds.

"It was just a doll after all."



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